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Today's world makes it easy for anyone to find out who they are meeting before they even meet. So it makes sense that your in-laws to be would have checked you out in this manner: What does he like? What crazy stupid thing has he done, you wonder? Let's see if I'll pre-approve him before meeting him.
As far as wingsuits go, there probably isn't any other sport which has extreme adrenaline pumping through your veins. But just flying around isn't enough. You've got to get on the down-low to do some crazy things. Literally. This daredevil flew so low he could high five a giant hand waiting for him.
We've already brought you the 6 most misheard lyrics from Taylor Swift's new 1989 album, and then we brought you another 11 more from a few more songs. But this time, it's all in video, Check it out below:
IKEA wanted to find out what kids really want for Christmas so they invited 10 families over to participate in an experiment. The children were asked to write two letters, one to Santa and another to their parents. But what they wrote to their parents, made them cry.
Seven Nation Army can't get any better than it already is, but Jess Greenberg may just be able to do it as good as The White Stripes. Here she is covering the song. You might also be noticing something else, but we can assure you that's not affecting the quality of the cover.


Building a plane isn't easy. In fact, just making one will take 4,000 engineers over 7 years of planning. You want everything to be perfect when you're up 30,000 feet in the air, right?
Leading a sedentary life isn't a good thing. We've been hearing about how sitting all day long is bad for us and how it is going to kill us one day. But just how much does it affect our bodies? Asap Science dives deep into the subject.
This is a computer generated cutaway of a futuristic sex robot. It could be the innards of it! This was made by French artist Cesar Vonc. Are you still turned on by the idea?
A black hole is hard to understand, but this video will really give you some perspective. So how big can they be? Imagine this: crush the Sun to the size of a small town and crush the Earth to the size of a peanut. That's how big they can be.
A common misconception and belief most people have when they lose weight, is that fat just gets burned off. Some believe it even gets turned into muscle. But new research published in the British Medical Journal is suggesting otherwise.


Nike unveils another unconventional take on the Nike Air Trainer Huarache Premum in mid navy and ginger iteration. Available now at select Nike accounts.
Nike is still promoting its Air Trainer and this latest has a camouflage motif added to it. It also gets a cream-beige base layer with olive overlays at the toecap, laceloops and the signature Swoosh. Available at select Nike retailers now.
The Chromexcel leather is the latest seasonal boot release from Hiroki Nakamura and visvim. The boot is available in black, brown, sand, clay and burgundy colorways on visvim’s web shop for $975 USD per pair.
Nicki Minaj has been named the face of Roberto Cavalli's 2015 Spring/Summer campaign, and gets really classy in this photoshoot. Shot by photographer Francesco Carrozzini, it captures her with bold animal and floral prints and eye-catching summer colors and more. Check out more of NIcki in the gallery below:
visvim's classic Lamina backpack is a smaller, more refined silhouette of the existing design, and is currently sold out in most online retailers. Stay tuned for more information.


This mom of 3 kids is really into fitness, and she has workout tutorials on her Instagram for you to follow. Check out some of her workouts here. We have listed down 10 workouts which you can follow. Be sure to follow her Instagram, too! You might be inspired on how she managed to lose all the fats after giving birth!
Whether you're training for an event this year or are simply struggling to get your nutrition right for exercise, these are top 11 foods that runners need every week for good health and top performance. 
Injuries are common when exercising or playing sport, but the chances of sustaining an injury can be reduced with the right equipment. Mats can be put down in gyms and similar spaces, and these can absorb contact and allow people to train safely and with confidence.
Have you realized that you need to lose weight? Dropping the pounds can be a huge chore, boring at best and complete agony at worst. Everyone wants to find that one way of exercising that works for them. You don't want to be bored out of your mind or wishing you were doing anything else but working out.
Our mental health is as important as our physical health. Many people fail to remember that by indulging in exercise, you are giving your mental health a workout too. While it can be difficult to get moving if your mood is low, it is a great way to banish the blues. Exercise is vital for our mental health.


2015 is going to be an exciting year for movies and here are some of the most anticipated ones everyone can't wait to watch. From sequels to remakes and reboots, it's going to be a big year, next year. Check out the list.
Blackhat is an upcoming cyber thriller starring Chris Hemsworth, which is a little odd because he doesn't look like he's got a hacker face. Check it out:
The trailer for Workaholics is NSFW, and it is a TV show coming this January about roommates who also happen to be co-workers. There's a lot of incredibly ridiculous things that happen in the trailer. It's also as if Michael Bay signed up to be a TV show director now.
If you're looking for some insanity, look no further. The latest Mad Max: Fury Road has all of that for you. The trailer is packed with so much jaw dropping scenes, you wished it was showing right now.
A sequel for Hot Tub Time Machine is here, and don't we just love this! Time for another crazy time travel comedy! Check out the trailer after the jump:


Vossen Wheels got their hands on a Mercedes-Benz S550 and decided to give it some art makeover. Inspired by Jon Olsson’s winter-savvy Audi RS6, it features 3M reflective vinyl bodywork that come to live under UV lighting. Check out a few more pictures below:
There is no denying that most vans look quite similar. They look dull, nondescript and are usually painted in white. Manufacturers don’t bother making vans look “beautiful” or stylish. After all; their primary use is to transport cargo, and not to compete for any style awards.
Road rage is so scary because it can turn a what seems to be a docile and friendly person into a monster. This Polish road rage incident is perhaps anyone's nightmare because instead of the usual bullying incidents, this guy here pulls out a gun. And shoots.
If you weren't planning on getting a smartwatch, maybe BMW might change your mind. The company is previewing a 360-degree Remote Valet Parking System at CES in Las Vegas in January. And according to the automaker, its four laser scanners around the vehicle can detect walls and other objects near the car.
We all want to drive something that will have universal appeal. We want it to look good and feel good, and we want it to do both of these things over a long period of time. Preferably we would like the car to be iconic, and we would like to participate in the development of that heritage value.


The Casa Balint is located in Valencia, Spain, and was born from Fran Silvestre Arquitectos' designs. The two-story home is focused on an open plan living space at the center, where the kitchen, patio and staircase all conjoin. Check it out in the gallery below along with a video.
Lighting has a major effect on the appearance of any space. Lights can make colors appear duller or more vibrant, highlight artwork, and even create focal points in a room. Lamps are added to rooms for both aesthetic and functional reasons. When looking to transform your space, it is important to consider the many types of floor lamps, how lamps can be used in a room, and how to plot out the optimal placement for your lamps.
Toronto-based design firm MSDS Studio completed Shopify's office in Toronto, and it has a gaming room, cafe, war room and accomodates 90 desks. According to them:
Why do we use oil in our cooking? There are two main answers to this question. First, oil makes the food tasty. Second, it raises the temperature to 180 degrees centigrade during cooking. This temperature is needed to cook food in the best possible manner. Almost all Indian food preparations need oil to cook the food; so, the concept of oil­less food can be a bit of a discomfort to most home makers. It is true that you can now make food without oil and still get the same taste that you would get with oil. How?
Andrew and Gabrielle Morrison might not have a huge house, but it is one place that really makes use of space and maximizes efficiency.


As if you needed another reason to have sex, so here's 7 more reasons to do the deed. Spoiler alert: it is really good for you. So if you're not in the mood, remind yourself how you can do something good and fun for yourself. Check it out:
You might be in a new relationship, or you've just gone on a romantic trip with your husband, or you're having a long-distance relationship and are finally reunited with your partner. Whatever the reason you're having a sex-filled weekend, it can come with an unfortunate side effect:
Erectile dysfunction can really put a damper to your sex life. According to the latest research, there are a variety of physical risk factors that can also contribute to this problem.
Anyone can get carried away in the heat of the moment. Sex sessions aren't like what you see in porn, where everyone is saying exactly what they should be saying, and doing hot things they should be doing. Real people like us tend to slip up, in performance, or in speech.
Practicing yoga won't just give you a knockout body. Those twisty poses can also make sex much more enjoyable. If you're looking to learn some new moves, check out the above infographic that help you achieve those spine-tingling results through yoga.
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