Tuesday, April 28, 2015


This generation is a very connected one. And it's spread to even the previous one. Chances are, you only really use your phone right now for activities other than calls and SMSes. This new postpaid plan from Celcom  will make a lot of sense to this generation. Here's why:
Don't want just any ordinary kind of high chair for your little one? How about this one: a Hulkbuster kind! In this episode of Super-Fan Builds, this custom Iron Man Hulkbuster High Chair will make you wish it was for adults too.
If ever Iggy Azalea decides to hang up her incoherent mess rapping style, she can definitely look at becoming a model instead. Not a supermodel, but maybe just A model. Australian company Bonds decided to tap her now-known-augmented chest and weirdly shaped behind for a campaign. Check it out below:
Spotify released an interesting chart based on a person's taste in music relative to their age and they concluded that their taste changes with age and there's a certain time period where they'll start listening to pop music once again after abandoning it years earlier.
The profanity-filled-inappropriate-for-children redband trailer for Ted 2 is finally here. And just like that, all you've known about cute teddy bears have been destroyed. Check it out below:


Michael Bay should take note of this. This stop-motion Transformers Toy battle is more impressive than his movies, some would say. Made by Harris Loureiro, this is something worth watching. Check it out after the jump:
The Apple Watch is for sale already, and now Cupertino has unveiled three new advertisements showing how its watch can improve your life, just in case you didn't know. Plus it's good too because we were all wondering, actually! Check it out below:
Here's a very simple add on for the iPad that instantly makes you into an artist with precision and perfection. It helps you trace and draw out images you'd never think possible if you just left everything to freehand. Check it out after the jump.
Everyone knows how to ride a bike, but what if what you know to be true is twisted and turned around the opposite direction? If turning left, means turning right, and vice versa, would your brain be able to handle this? Check out this interesting video below:
How fast can the World Record for Rubik's Cube get? Now it's been broken by Collin Burns, His record is at 5.253 seconds. That's pretty damn insanely fast. Seriously.


The autographed Nike high-tops Michael Jordan handed to Khalid Ali fetched a cool $71,553 USD through SCP Auctions.
Patek Philippe shows off a new addition to its Nautilus line of watches dubbed the 5711/1R-001 crafted from 18k rose gold and features a gradated dial with gold hour markers. Priced at $51,000 USD.
Here's another colorway of Nike's Air Huarache set to drop - coming in Wolf Grey and Pure Platinum.
& Other Stories' latest collaboration with Vans shows off two classic silhouettes - the Vans Slip-On and Old Skool. Check it out below:
Here's the new release for Nike's NSW Tiempo 94 DLX. It will retail at $138 USD.


Summer is just around the corner, and everyone wants to have a killer body. But, losing weight is one of those things that can be tough for us mere mortals. We don’t have an army of personal trainers. We like to eat all the things that are ‘bad’ for us. It’s time to put fitness into perspective. If you want to lose weight and look fabulous this summer, there are some brilliant ways that you can do this.
Elle Macpherson not only beautiful but also an inspiring woman with a passion for wellness. She has launched her new bio-live super healthy drink, The Super Elixir, which is designed to improve the nutrition at a cellular level.
Gemma Macpherson is a certified personal trainer, Elite1 Fit Gear ambassador, and NPC Figure Competitor. She has a fitness centre named Lean Kiwi Fitness where she helps her clients achieve their health and fitness goals. She was born in New Zealand, and moved to US with her husband to turn her passion into her career. Gemma has always wanted to become a personal trainer when they first moved to America, but it wasn't the right time for her as she had a lot going on. Check out for her photos below:
In order to receive the maximum effects of a good power workout, it takes more to prepare for your training session than just eating before and after. Your whole day of consumption should be geared towards preparation and recovery from your workout. Scale down your calorie intake when you’re not training and increase your calories on the days that you do. However, the worst misdeed you can commit after a workout is not to feed your body.
We know that it's pretty hot these days, and hydration is important to maintaining a healthy body but most of us struggle to drink enough water everyday. A study published in the "Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition" in 2008 found that mice given lemon polyphenols gained less weight and body fat than those not given these antioxidants. 


The profanity-filled-inappropriate-for-children redband trailer for Ted 2 is finally here. And just like that, all you've known about cute teddy bears have been destroyed. Check it out below:
Johnny Depp is in a new movie called Black Mass where he portrays Whitey Bulger, a convicted murderer and organized crime figure. Check out the trailer below:
Tomorrowland already looks like a cinematic experience you don't want to miss out, and now they've got a new trailer, where it reveals more footage, including gun-armed robots. Check it out below:
The new Jurassic World trailer shows off quite a bit of dinosaurs in the film, and they look pretty real and gorgeous compared to the versions before this. Not bad at all. Check it out below:
We may not agree so much with the casting choice, but the latest Fantastic Four trailer does show it's going to be an action-packed film. Maybe we should just give it a chance. Here's the new trailer below:


Amazon Prime is making more headlines this time with a delivery service that brings your package directly to your car. Introduced in a very limited pilot option, it is especially useful if you're waiting for a package but can't stay somewhere to sign for it.
Toroidion is an electric-power vehicle unveiled at the Top Marques Auto Show in Monaco developed either for road or track featuring a high capacity battery that can be replaced and recharged. Check it out below.
Honda shows off its Concept D car, a concept model for a new SUV model under development. It is a hint at what Honda has in development for mass-production in the Chinese market SUV market. Check it out below:
GM just showed off its super futuristic self-driving vehicle and it is called the Chevrolet-FNR. It looks like someone traveled into the future and made a copy of it for today. Unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show, the vehicle looks almost TRON like.
This is the process of how the Porsche 918 Spyder is made, and this video shows the individual steps taken on its hand-assembly line. This video shows insights into the car's hand-stitched leather interior, carbon fiber door panelling and the hand-assembled normally aspirated 4.6 liter v8 engine. Check it out below:


This Victorian-era sea fort was overhauled into a luxury hotel that will house and sleep 44. It has mini golf, fire pits, hot tubs, spa facilities, a bar and more. Check it out below:
House C3 in Sydney, Australia was designed by Campbell Architecture, and they experimented using traditional form and contemporary accents while maintaining the unassuming exterior for the home. Check it out below:
Airbnb Singapore created an installation that would become a room anywhere in Tokyo, Paris, Bali and Penang using 360-degree projector mapping technology. It repaints the walls and fixtures of the room and changes the outside scenery and redecorates the bedspread and the sofa. Check out the video below:
Muji recently completed furnishing the Narita International Airport’s Terminal 3 slated to open on April 8. It is outfitted with 400 comfortable sofabench units in green, blue, mocha and white hues. The cafeteria features oak wood tables and chairs and the new design is simply just simple. Not too bad actually. Check out the gallery below:
Do you want a sleek, modern looking home? There are a few specific things that people associate with modern homes these days. Usually, it’s all about practicing simplicity and minimalism. This post will give you 10 ideas that you can implement in your home to make it instantly more modern:


As if you needed another reason to have sex, so here's 7 more reasons to do the deed. Spoiler alert: it is really good for you. So if you're not in the mood, remind yourself how you can do something good and fun for yourself. Check it out:
You might be in a new relationship, or you've just gone on a romantic trip with your husband, or you're having a long-distance relationship and are finally reunited with your partner. Whatever the reason you're having a sex-filled weekend, it can come with an unfortunate side effect:
Erectile dysfunction can really put a damper to your sex life. According to the latest research, there are a variety of physical risk factors that can also contribute to this problem.
Anyone can get carried away in the heat of the moment. Sex sessions aren't like what you see in porn, where everyone is saying exactly what they should be saying, and doing hot things they should be doing. Real people like us tend to slip up, in performance, or in speech.
Practicing yoga won't just give you a knockout body. Those twisty poses can also make sex much more enjoyable. If you're looking to learn some new moves, check out the above infographic that help you achieve those spine-tingling results through yoga.
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