Gaming is about to get more real. Blast ships with your eyes kind-of-real. How so? From a new game controller of course. Steelseries will be developing it, powered by Tobii's eye-tracking technology.

Tobii is no stranger to eye tracking. They've been slowly improving it over the years. They were the first to create a laptop with eye control. Now developers are unlocking the possibilities of eye control with the company's Rex peripheral, which will finally be going commercial in the coming SteelSeries product.

The gaming accessory will be using the Tobii EyeX technology, a new peripheral with the company's latest and greatest eye-tracking tech.

Developers will be able to get their hands on the EyeX in March, and they can preorder it now from Tobii's website for $95.

Developers will have to be creative when it comes to games using eye-tracking. In first person shooter games like Call of Duty for example, players could gaze at an object onscreen to aim a weapon and push a button to fire. No more angling your gun towards the enemy?

Obviously, there's a whole lot more one can do with eye-gazing tech in gaming. Check out the video below: