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Mia Wasikowska, The star of Stoker talks about feeling liberated in a nude scene in a movie. Sounds like someone just got more publicity and attention on her now. via Contact Music:

The 23-year-old actress makes her most controversial on-screen appearance to date in Park Chan-wook's eerie new Gothic thriller as emotionally distant teenager India Stoker, with one particularly shocking scene showing her masturbating in the shower. Mia claims the fear of taking of her clothes was far worse than when she was actually naked in front of the crew and director.

She explained: "That was the last day of the shoot and I was so angry at them for scheduling it on the last day! We'd been running behind and we only started shooting it at 6pm and shot until 4am but it's the sort of thing where the anticipation is worse than the actual filming of the scene. It felt like it went quite quickly and was all right and almost liberating to find yourself there, taking off your clothes. It's not as bad as anticipating it, I think."

But in this time and age, nudity is really just an art that's done classy in films that aren't porno. So yeah, let's not get that excited. It will be the norm soon.