A midlife crisis could be anything. It could be life-changing and dramatic, or just provide you with some confidence to change things. You may struggle with this period of your life and feel depressed. Or you could take the positives out of the situation and turn things to your advantage.

I like the idea of positivity. You see a midlife crisis doesn't have to be scary. I think all women will go through a stage like this in their lives at some point. It’s a time for reflection. A time when confidence maybe at it’s highest to make some changes. Or maybe your self-esteem is at it’s lowest highlighting changes to make things better for your future. I thought it would be a good idea to share some positivity on some of the most common things to happen during a midlife crisis. I hope it helps you to see how this time of your life could be amazing.

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You begin to panic about your health

Worrying about your health as you get older becomes second nature. You hear more stories in the press or amongst friends about different scenarios. It’s only natural to be concerned. So take this new found concern for your health and do something about it. Get booked in for a general health check. Go and see how things are doing in your body. Is your cholesterol high? Does your blood pressure need looking at? The chances are you are in good health which means you can rest assured and worry less for a little while.

A health check may highlight some potential issues meaning that this was a good thing. You now have the power to improve your health and make things better.

Worrying about your health doesn’t have to mean necessarily on a medical level either. Why not change your eating habits and exercise regime. Become a healthier person in general.

Now’s the time to change your career

You may have had itchy feet in your job for some time. Or perhaps you have never truly enjoyed the career you find yourself in. If it’s starting to bug you, there is no time like the present to change things up. Explore the dream job you have always wanted to. Research about studying again, or how to get into a new career. More info will be available online. You just have to have the confidence to do it.

I appreciate everyone has bills to pay and commitments, but if you don’t take action now, you never will. If you can’t change today, make the plans to be able to change your job. Start saving for a year to give yourself a little more security. Cut things down to save some extra income. You will be happy to save because you know it’s going to help you in the future.

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Questioning yourself constantly

Do you find yourself wondering whether this is it? Is this what life is all about? Are you asking yourself why you are doing things? Are you wondering where your identity is? All these questions are completely valid and need addressing. Of course, life isn’t rosy all the time. But this is where you need to take some time for yourself and evaluate everything. What is causing you to feel like this? Are you in an unhappy relationship? Is it your job and career that’s causing you to wonder what life is all about? Find out the issues and then sort them.

The great news is that addressing these things are going to help you lead a more happy life in the future. It may mean a few unpleasant conversations. Or taking a good long hard look at yourself. But it will be worth it.

A sudden urge to change the way you look

Do you feel the need to change how you look? Is it just your hair? Maybe you want to cut it all off or add extensions. Maybe change the colour completely. The urge may not stop with just your hair. Perhaps it’s your looks. Maybe you want to consider surgery. I don’t know. Whatever it is you have the urge to do, use the confidence you have to go out and do it. What have you got to lose? Hair will grow back. You could always change back to your natural colour. I admit surgery needs careful consideration and should be something you fully want to do. But now’s the time to embrace your individuality and style. Heck, even create a whole new style.

Things like a change in hair cut or colour can boost your confidence no end. A sudden boost of confidence can have a great effect on other parts of your life to. You may feel better about your relationship, perhaps more attractive to your partner. You might have some extra confidence to stand up for yourself in the workplace. Or put yourself forward for projects and new experiences. It can only be a good thing, so go for it.

Comparing yourself to others

Finally, do you sit and compare yourself to others? Do you look at successful friends and wonder where you went wrong? Maybe you have just been feeling particularly low and wonder how you will get through. What you have to do is take a step back and realise you are an individual. You are you. There is no one else that does it better. So embrace that.

I think it is only natural to compare yourself to others. In fact, it can generate a bit of competitive spirit within you. A healthy dose of competitiveness can be a good thing. But don’t let it turn to jealousy. Being jealous is not an attractive quality. Embrace yourself as an individual. The celebrate the success of others.

It isn’t easy to overcome because sometimes you can feel so rubbish about yourself. But honestly, look how far you've come. Look at what you have gone through. There is no story quite like yours.

Only you have the power to change things. You could wallow in self-pity, or you could do something about it. A midlife crisis doesn’t have to be a dark period of your life; it could be the turning point to take you on to bigger and better things.