Here’s the thing about smartphones. You love it for the powerful photo editing apps that come with it. Snapseed is a pretty good photo editing app that comes with iPhones. In my article, I will be taking you through the basic guide on how to make the best use of this app. Snapseed is also available of on Android play store too. 

Updates on Snapseed 

Here is the thing about Snapseed, initially when Google rolled this app out, there were minor bugs. However, this year in April Google rolled out Snapseed 2.0. The new and revamped version of the app really did create a lot of buss everywhere. 

Your 29 tools with Spapseed 

Healing brush
RAW Develop
Tune image
White Balance
Lens Blur
Glamour Glow
Tonal Contrast
HDR Scape
Grainy Film
Double Exposure
Face Enhance
Face Pose

You get all these tools which makes it a pretty powerful image editing app available right now in the apps market. 

How to Install Snapseed 

Well the below steps are applied to all app stores, Android and IPhone app stores. 

Step 1 – Open your Play Store or Apple Store
Step 2 – Type in Snapseed and click download 
Step 3- Wait for the installation process to be completed
Step 4 – Now, click on the tab ‘Open’ 

How to Use Snapseed

The interface of Snapseed is pretty intuitive. The moment you land on their main page there will be many guiding information for you to navigate yourself around. Making it rather a self-help app. 

Every tool is easily placed for your clarity and you can just click on any of iy and start editing your images. 

You can easily click on the tools you want to edit with and just click ‘Save’. 

It is as simple as it is. 

Amazing Features of Snapseed 

Customize your looks the way you like it

This is a super cool feature to use. If you are bored using the same edits, you can just use this tool to see which look actually goes with you. Giving you a multitude of advantages in image editing. Especially, if you are like me who likes to edit on the go. 

Why Snapseed?

Snapseed is a generation X photo editing software. It is almost like a photographer’s handy tool for edits. You can save on the go as many edits as you like. You can just go to the Stack where all the tools are lined up and save as many edits in your library. You can also use download Snapseed into your PC and give your photos amazing touch on big screen. 


Now here is the thing, with all the extensive editing tools you get with Snapseed, there is just one thing missing. Just like Photoshop, there is no auto save option, so you have to make sure you click save before you move to your next edit. This image editing app is for photographers, so a little domain knowledge helps. That way you do not go on experimenting all the way. 

Final Verdict 

Snapseed is a photographer’s tool and having this app means you cannot just break the barriers of your daily edits but maybe learn a thing or two with their suggestive gestures in using the app.