Black Friday and Cyber Monday form the mainstay for online consumer brands’ yearly revenues. According to Adobe Analytics, e-commerce sales on Black Friday 2018 grew a staggering 23.6 percent as compared to the previous year, primarily due to the continuing rise of online shopping and the unrivalled convenience it provides to modern consumers. 

For e-commerce merchants, providing a seamless shopping experience during this time of year can be a major challenge. Merchants routinely face challenges with regards to their online storefronts’ performance, availability, and security resulting in websites crashing, slow page load times, cyber-attacks, and more. 


Let’s address each of these:

Scalability: Scalability issues are common during the Cyber Weekend. If an e-commerce site’s infrastructure doesn’t scale with increasing traffic (load), site availability will be impacted. Downtime equals lost revenues, so the right strategy is to have a scalable backend that stays ahead of demand, maintaining uptime and high performance. Predictive auto-scaling technology from Webscale Networks enables this functionality in any public cloud environment. 

Page load times: Slow page load times can turn away customers, and they can be caused by any number of reasons - code problems, caching issues, uncompressed images, unoptimized content and web pages, and more. During peak traffic, high server loads can aggravate the problem. Webscale provides intelligent caching, load balancing, sophisticated content and page optimization, image compression, and an integrated CDN to make page loads faster. Webscale’s technology also keeps load times fast and consistent during unexpected traffic surges. 

Cybersecurity: Attacks on e-commerce websites can be disastrous. While DDoS attacks continue to crash popular sites, the more sophisticated hackers are finding a way to get into the application backend and steal confidential data, such as identities and credit card information. Webscale Networks protects online storefronts with a programmable web application firewall (WAF), virtual patching, intrusion detection, machine learning based bot management, and a 24x7 multi-cloud-certified security operations (SOC) team. 

Webscale Networks offers a cloud management and hosting platform to e-commerce businesses to enhance scalability, site performance, and security, in any public cloud environment. The company serves business to business, business to consumer, and business to enterprise customers in over seven countries, seven of which are listed in the Fortune 1000.