Most of us need to hire a skip at some point in our lives. It may be that we are just having a clear out of loads of junk, in a spring clean, or prior to moving house, we might be doing garden landscaping, renovating or extending the house, or having a new bathroom or kitchen fitted. 

All of these activities are likely to generate significant quantities of waste, which the local council is unlikely to want to take away, so hiring a skip is generally the best solution. Absolutely everything can get chucked in and taken away in one fell swoop, as long as you get the right sized one anyway.


Choosing the right sized skip
Skips come in lots of different sizes, ranging from small ones from around 2 cubic yards, up to the larger varieties up to around 12 cubic yards. Naturally, we would prefer to get the right sized one that will be able to take away all of the waste that we produce in one go, but it is very easy to underestimate the amount we are going to generate. It is a good idea to discuss the project you are working on with the skip hire company, who have lots of experience and can generally recommend the size that is most likely to cater to your needs. Don’t forget to think about and discuss access issues, for delivery and collection and where it will be situated, to avoid blocking the traffic in your street and access for any larger than the normal traffic, such as emergency vehicles that may need to get past.

Think about the environment
Being environmentally aware, it is a good idea to ask your local skip hire company what they do with the contents of your skip once it is taken away. Landfills are not good for the environment, as they can contaminate waterways and release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, not to mention putting the health of sanitation workers at risk. When you are asking yourself “which is the best skip hire near me,” a good way to answer your question is to find the company that has a commitment to recycling as much of what they collect as possible. Environmentally friendly skip hire companies will always be ready to give you advice on all aspects of good waste management.

Getting the right permits and the right schedule
A skip cannot just be plonked down anywhere. You will probably need a permit to allow you to park your skip, especially if it is on the street. Make sure your skip provider will either organise your permit, or provide assistance in doing so, to help you avoid unnecessary problems. It is advisable to hire from a good sized company that has a range of skips and multiple delivery and pick up vehicles. Having a full skip on your drive is not only an eyesore, a delay in it being picked up when full can provide access issues and delays for your project. 

Skip hire is a very competitive industry, but a quick Internet search in your area, will find you the best and most professional company, and they are the ones that often also provide you the best service and prices.