On-demand services like Uber and Deliveroo have revolutionised our daily lives in recent times. Everything is now readily available at our fingertips and this has even extended to the aviation industry. Currently, there is a battle to be “the Uber of the skies” as there has been a sharp rise in chartered air travel within the last few years.


Affordable Travel

Instead of organisations booking business class seats, they are now hiring their own private jets and sending their employees in style. This is becoming an affordable option for many businesses and it is easy to see it becoming even cheaper as more and more companies are setting up. Soon, people could hire their own private jets to travel for leisure without breaking the bank. This was previously seen as a method of transportation reserved exclusively for the rich and famous, but this is all about to change.

Services Available 

Numerous apps have begun to appear that enable anybody to select a private jet, their date of departure and the destination for affordable prices. Alternatively, you can book onto empty return legs for even cheaper prices (private jets are usually only chartered one way). Other companies have set up subscription services where a monthly fee is paid and they can fly as often and wherever they like - this is an excellent solution for companies that regularly arrange business trips as just a couple of flights could see them break even.


More and more businesses are taking advantage of this luxury as it provides so many benefits over business class seats. Employees do not have to spend time hanging around at the airports, they get a far superior service with plenty of great equipment on board, plus it can also help to boost morale so that they are ready to work upon arrival. Although this is a service that is primarily used by businesses for executive travel, it is easy to see people using this for leisure in the near future as many people dream of flying on a private jet.

Some are going as far as saying that commercial aviation will be a thing of the past in the next 20 years and that people will exclusively travel by private jet if prices continue to drop. This is due to the fact that this service is being introduced to a particularly tech-savvy generation that are used to having everything that they need readily available at their fingertips.