When was the last time you cleaned your home? And by clean, we mean really clean. Unless if you happen to live in a cave, you've probably been skipping on cleaning out those nooks and crannies hoping that no one else will notice.

If you're serious about spring cleaning your home, then you'll want to start practicing these life-changing hacks below:

Applying a thin layer of car wax on a clean stove top will make it easier to wipe off any future spills.


Breathe easier by really cleaning out your AC unit. Check out the full instructions by clicking here


Use cream of tartar to keep small appliances nice and shiny

Use a hairdryer to remove water stains from wooden surfaces

Vinegar and duct tape will help get rid of any mold growing underneath the rim.

Freshen up your mattress by sprinkling baking soda mixed with essential oil

Simmering a pot of rosemary, lemon and vanilla extract will make your home smell divine


Mix 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar before nuking it for 5 minutes

Remove stains on microfiber using a little rubbing alcohol.

Vegetable oil is perfect for getting rid of dust stuck in grease

Get rid of oven grease by mixing up a paste using baking soda, dish liquid and vinegar.

To clean coffee makers, run some white vinegar through it.

If you don't have a steam cleaning machine for your carpet, use an iron!

For super clean carpets, soak mystery stains with a mix of vinegar, cornstarch, clear dish soap, baking soda and cold water before blotting it out.

Clean out your tub by scrubbing it with peppermint oil, baking soda, and liquid soap.

For super greasy stove tops, place the parts in a ziploc bag with ammonia, leave overnight before rinsing them out.79830781_625e_4b17_9660_f6759d4f6db4.jpg

Tackle dirty white binds by wiping them with white vinegar