Melon is having BTS' Premiere Showcase through Youtube on August 19.

Fans around the world are going to get to see Bangtan Boys' first live performance of their title song 'Danger' exclusively in their comfort by streaming on Youtube.

Check the time schedule of the premiere showcase below:

2014.08.19 8PM (GMT+9, Korea Local Time)
[Sydney] 9:00 PM
[Tokyo] 8:00 PM
[Beijing / HongKong / Kuala Lumpur / Manila] 7:00 PM
[Bangkok / Hanoi] 6:00 PM
[Moskva] 3:00 PM
[Ankara] 2:00 PM
[Paris / Stockholm] 1:00 PM
[London] 12:00 PM
[LA / Vancouver] 4:00 AM
[Mexico City] 6:00 AM
[Santiago] 7:00 AM
[São Paulo] 8:00 AM

Don't miss their comeback showcase by live streaming below: