In light of the recent controversy Super Junior Kangin is facing due to drunk driving that occured on May 24, some fans have expressed a strong demand for an official withdrawal statement.

On 25th, an article with title "Demand For Super Junior Kangin Withdrawal Statement" is posted on the fan gallery of Super Junior DC Inside. According to the article, one of the major reasons is that Kangin's offense has inflicted inconvenience to Super Junior's group activities and that it is unfair if Kangin continues to carry on activities under Super Junior's name.

Moreover, the article also states that fans have continued supporting and believing Kangin despite the numerous times he has caused problems and tarnished Super Junior's name. However, fans expressed that this time it can't be tolerated. In fact, Kangin has done nothing significant to Super Junior's image but rather damaged it. Lastly, fans expressed that they don't have a choice but to raise this demand after the huge blow to Super Junior's name.

Do you think they have a point?