Despite living in the social networking age, not every business is proficient at using social media platforms for its advantage. Business perspicacity still goes a long way when it comes to social networking and building strong brand recognition on different social media platforms. With the increased social media users, it becomes extremely valuable to grab their attention, engage them and gain their trust, which becomes quite challenging as so many brands are striving hard to do so. In such a situation, using the best social media marketing software and an effective social media networking strategy can help businesses win the race. 

So how do you go about it? With the below-mentioned 7 proven steps, you can begin designing your own successful social media marketing strategy and build a strong online presence and impressive reputation - the dream goal of every business these days.

#1 Setting Goals

The foremost step in launching a successful social media campaign is to decide the goals. Whether it is about informing your audiences about your products and services or introducing a new product in the market, you need to identify and list out your social media goals before working on a strategy. Basically, there are some common SMM goals like -

Engaging community
Creating brand awareness
Distributing content
Generating leads
Providing customer support

After defining and measuring these goals, you need to consider designing a promising and highly effective SMM strategy.

#2 Knowing Target Audience

Selecting social media platforms based on your target audience is extremely important. For example, promoting a popular brand among teenagers on Linkedin is likely to fail all your efforts. Instead, Instagram wins the game with teenagers. Linkedin can be best when it comes to job posting or job searching, connecting connections, and so forth. Your social media marketing software can help you define your target audience based on the real facts and figures and thus enable you to build successful social media marketing strategies.

#3 Creating Fresh and Relevant Content

Creating fresh content that suits your social media audience is important  to grab their attention. Social media users should find your content relevant and exciting to get attracted to it. The content that is not relatable to your target audience may go unnoticed, and in that case, the time and money invested in social media campaigns are likely to get wasted. So, just make sure that the content you post on social media platforms is fresh and relevant to your target audience. The trend in 2021 is indicated as “less is more,” with content value increasing the production quality.

#4 Growing Audience and Building Relationships

Sticking to a particular set of the audience would never help you grow your business. So, it becomes significant to reach out to maximum people and advertise your brand. Researching and finding new audiences that can be interested in your products or services is a viable option. Simultaneously, it is also important to build relationships with already existing subscribers. Communication is the key to building relationships, and thus it is essential to consistently keep in touch with your audience through instant messaging, surveys, polls, contests, etc.

#5 Automating Social Media Postings

When you have too many social media postings to be done on multiple platforms, it becomes difficult to maintain speed and consistency. Several social media marketing tools are available, like Hootsuite and Hubspot Marketing, that help you schedule the social media posts and manage your publications efficiently. You don’t have to depend on human resources to get your posts published at regular intervals. Social media marketing tools can help you do that flawlessly. Consistent posts on social media platforms allow you to keep your audience engaged, win their trust, and boost your brand’s online reputation.

#6 Adopting New Trends

New trends sprout up on social media platforms frequently, and following those trends can help you create content that resonates with the current hot topics. These trending discussions and updates on social media platforms allow you to keep the audience’s current needs in mind and considering that you can tweak your marketing tactics and gain more conversions. For example, live streaming and stories have become quite popular these days, and you can use these trends for promoting your event, products/services, and brand.

#7 Tracking and Refining Performance

With the help of the right social media marketing tools, you can track the performance of your social media marketing efforts and measure their effectiveness. Also, you can tweak and fine-tune your strategies to acquire improved results. As you analyze what works and what doesn’t work for your business, you can make optimum use of social media platforms and engage with your audiences in a much more effective way.


In this digitally transformed world when 57% of the global population uses social media for connecting, communicating, shopping, and many other activities. Using these social media optimization strategies increases the possibility of reaching out and engaging with the maximum number of social media users. Moreover, with the right social media tactics, you can even improve your ranking on Google with an optimized social media profile. 

However, there is a saying that Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, social media marketing is also time-consuming and may take time to generate leads as per your expectations. But, using the right social media marketing tools and strategies can definitely help you run compelling campaigns enabling your business to acquire maximum leads and accelerate your business growth.


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