When you look for a cut in expenses and gain more productivity, the marketing automation with CRM software system integration can be a great help. There are things that go beyond human capacity to manage while technology does it with all its comfort and accuracy. Whether it is to manage leads, interacts with customers or keeping sales teams interconnected, marketing automation with CRM integration should be the first choice. 


In this article, we will be talking about what CRM and marketing automation stands for and how they are useful for your business.  Whatsapp business accounts can get this service easily. Let’s take a look right here.  

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation stands for technology or software which automates marketing activities such as campaign management, lead generation, lead scoring, lead nurturing, an engaging customer with interactive content, social media management and much more of your business. Marketing automation, on the other hand, stands for operational efficiency and helping gain better ROI. Therefore you can look at the marketing automation CRM providing by BPMonline for an affordable solution

CRM Serves Multiple Purposes

True. CRM takes care of all-in-one marketing strategy which begins right from managing your sales teams, campaign management, and lead generation to social media management. 
Whereas, CRM integration with marketing automation can be cherry on the cake. Importantly, you need to consider CRM and marketing automation integration –do not let them perform separately as you will have to look into if they are performing proper customer interaction. 

Unique Approach to Manage Things and Data

If you are having two different software such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Marketing automation separately, then it’s going to create a lengthy process to follow while if you have integrated marketing automation with CRM, then it is likely to manage your data excellently. That means the data management issue can be perfectly curbed. 

Improved Customer Relationship

Maintaining the right customer relationship is crucial for your business and depending entirely on the sales team can make things bad to worse. So, CRM integration with marketing automation is the solution. The software is qualified enough to interact with your new and old customers and establish a better relationship. But, you can’t expect the same result when you have two separate software to perform. 

Works Great with Sales and Services Team

Sales and service teamwork on a parallel goal and that is to earn more leads by gaining more customer support. But that does not end here only. The teams –the all three –marketing, sales and service team need to keep interacting with customer and help them purchase the desired service and products. 

Improve Ecommerce Relationships

Another way that CRM can help is by enabling online retailers to improve relationships with customers. Newer systems service all major shopping carts and marketplaces. There are systems that work with Amazon and eBay and there’s even a Shopify and a 3dcart CRM to help the largest stores online resonate better with their customers and improve relationships that result in long-term retention and growth.

Maintain Great Marketing Strategy

Marketing automation combining with CRM provides an intact platform to your teams to follow right accurate marketing strategy. Get the marketing automation CRM for your business right away.

Keeps Clients Satisfied

Software integration keeps your clients satisfied by providing the right information when needed. It keeps your presence felt 24/7 and that brings your business a new height. 


When the world has accepted the marketing automation with CRM and earning maximum profit, then why don’t you? Let’s equip your business with right CRM and stay unbeatable in the market.