More than 2.5 billion world’s populace use email for different purposes. Business use email to ease communication and boast marketing campaigns. The general public use emails to connect, communicate easily, and search for earning opportunities. Those ton between education and managing their business’ email marketing campaigns can get marketing assignment help to better their academic scores and spare enough time to improve their marketing campaigns.


More Effective and Reliable 

Reports have proven that more than 196 billion emails are sent daily, with 109 billion of such emails being business-oriented. That's a clear picture of how best people presume email marketing. The effectiveness of email marketing in selling businesses and brands to the crowd is incredible.

Cost Effective 

Email marketing is cost-effective and fit for businesses of all kinds. With email marketing, businesses spend less and earn more. As per reports, businesses can earn up to $40 on ROI after spending $1 in email marketing.

In other words, you don’t need money to get your email marketing campaign running. The fact that it’s cheaper than traditional marketing strategies such hoardings, TV and radio ads makes it the perfect solution for small and medium size businesses.

Customizable Way to Connect With Target Audience 

Email is the only media that gives you the option of personalizing your copies to the recipients’ likings and tastes. Personalized message addressing the recipient by their names will more likely woo them to take actions.

Compared to other platforms which only enable you to address the audience as a whole, email marketing software make it possible to address your audience by their names. As per reports, emails that address the audience by names have more than 26% better chances of being opened and read.

Widely Known and Used 

Email is a medium for communication used and liked by a greater part of the world’s population. As we said earlier more than a quarter of the global population have an email. Out of these, more than 75% know how to create, send, respond to, and forward emails.

Many of those that own email accounts can discern and soundly respond to emails that add value to what they do. Going the email marketing way gives you enough audience to listen to you and take actions when possible.

Vital Part of Smartphones 

The era of smart devices is here with us and Smartphones are more popular. Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Smartphones have diverted our attention from analog thinking and information delivery.

With a smartphone, you can catch up the latest news at your own convenience. You take and share memories. Smartphones use Gmail to link you to other apps and contents. 

Most smartphone owners use Gmail to monitor updates of business progress, receive learning materials, news alerts, and more. So if you’re not using email marketing, you’re missing a lot. 

Email Marketing is Secure

Email marketing doesn’t expose your business to the risk of hacking. If you don’t think you’re fit for the position of creating and sending emails, you can get a professional digital marketer. 

But with the simplicity and efficiency email marketing presents, there is very little to be wary of. Just identify a good email software and use it to reach out potential clients. You can opt for free email marketing software or use the free version of the paid software to acquaint yourself with the work of such systems.

· So how do I ensure I create a successful email marketing campaign?
· Choose the best free email marketing software to familiarize yourself with the way it works.
· There are many free email marketing systems to compare.
· Create and send unique and interesting content to your audience.
· Follow up to know how they feel about the content you shared. 


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