That technology is growing day by day and it affects all the field of our life. We are moving towards world of digitalization. In that sense, healthcare app development has contributed to this transformation in recent years.

According to a study reveals, 60% of the time we spend in the digital world we invest using applications.  A use that has increased by 111% in the last 3 years. As if it were a chapter of 'Black Mirror' seen years ago, today we use apps for everything: communicate, buy, watch videos, manage our savings, find work, exercise or even find a partner, among a long list of etceteras.

An authentic revolution that has not been slow to reach the health sector and become a key trend this 2018. And it's here to stay. 
The Mobile Apps And Application Health

The healthcare app development is, according to WHO definition, "the practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices such as telephones, patient monitoring devices, digital assistants and other wireless devices". All this includes lifestyle and well-being applications that connect people with medical devices or sensors, medication reminders and health information through messages and telemedicine services.

Mobile applications will change the future of health and clinical practice forever. The dizzying growth of healthcare app development currently reveals staggering numbers: more than 97,000 health apps can be downloaded today. Of these, 70% are aimed at welfare and sport. The remaining 30% are exclusive for patients and health professionals. Apps that facilitate access to patient health data, monitoring, diagnostic imaging or medication control, among others.

The use of mobile applications for patients and health professionals stands out as the most promising market. Applications for the control of chronic patients will be the fastest growing in the coming years.

Healthcare App Development Opportunities

The healthcare app development has the potential to play a key role in the present and future health. Undoubtedly, it will be a key tool to solve the current problems of the sector. Problems such as the aging of the population, inequity in access to health or the prevalence of chronic diseases compromise the sustainability of our health systems. Health apps open the door to new opportunities to face these challenges:

Bet On Prevention: The healthcare app development helps to detect at an early stage the chronic condition of patients through apps for remote diagnosis, sharing the data of different wearable’s with doctors. The tools for self-care promote prevention with healthy behaviours, motivating and engaging patients with their health.

It Helps The Sustainability Of Health Systems: Patient monitoring or real-time doctor-patient communication helps to make the health system more efficient. The apps allow reducing unnecessary consultations and hospitalizations and exercising greater control over patients with chronic diseases, among others. With healthcare app development, costs can be reduced by 15% thanks to remote patient monitoring 4.

Telemedicine: The healthcare app development in developing countries is an opportunity to reduce the inequity of access to health. Thus, the apps offer the possibility of taking health to remote areas, with difficult access or lack of specialists.