With winter approaching fast the temptation is high to snack on comfort foods and keep warm but that can lead to many of us (me included) putting on some extra pounds and with the party season starting I definitely do not want to gain weight. 

The thing is I am not one for getting up earlier than normal and taking myself down to the gym. I have nothing but admiration for those that have such discipline, but the gym life is simply not for me. This admission found me searching the app store for an app that would allow me to keep healthy and well. 

Keeping healthy is one of the most important gifts we can offer both ourselves and our loved ones, s it isn’t really surprising that last January over 62 million searches were carried out on just that topic. 

As the majority of us own a smartphone then it is relatively simple to make that choice related to our health and there are a few really great health-related apps that can make a difference. 

Trying to be more physically active is vital and for those that enjoy exercising the J&J Official 7 Minute Workout (a science-based workout method) was created and designed by Chris Jordan who is the director of exercise physiology in the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. This app takes us through short but intense burst of exercise coupled with a short recovery time which is believed to improve aerobic fitness quickly. 

As workouts only last 7 minutes (or just over nine minutes with a warm-up) it's easy to complete before work or as you get up in the morning. Users can select workout views and can toggle between display time, video, or music (you can select from your phones music library.) 

There is a total of 72 exercises in all and you are able to learn all of them safely with your progress tracked in the performance dashboard, and you can also share your success with friends. 

If that sound a little to athletic then why not try Yogi Studio? This great app is possibly the highest recommended yoga app out there and remains a frim favourite with many people. 

There are in excess of 70 readymade meditation and yoga classes on all levels ranging from the beginner right up to the advanced students.  Sessions last from between 15 and 60 minutes so there is sure to be something there for everyone's taste. 

Classes can easily be customised so that means you can focus on the points you want to such as balance or strength or flexibility or a combination of all. When you use Yoga Studio you will hear all the instructions given clearly helping you to accomplish poses well, moving from one pose to the next seamlessly. 

With 280 poses to choose from as well as those step-by-step instructions you will find Yoga Studio is the instant yoga library where you can sync classes with your phone calendar which means there is no excuse to miss a practice, even if you have a busy schedule. 

Personally, I prefer to mix the two together using the strenuous one to begin with and then I enjoy the relaxation of the Yoga Studio and after that I tend to check out all the  newest sites to find some high-quality games to play for a short time to give me a boost before facing the day again. 

But just like anything else whether it is playing game or keeping fit, choosing the app or site that suits you the best is vital so you will not become bored or discouraged.