One of the biggest obstacles in healthcare is the service. Online appointment scheduling software emerged just over a few years ago, and now it is starting to become popular in many countries. The number of adherence of health institutions and patients who are using the service has grown significantly in recent months. Online scheduling gives patients and the organization the opportunity to have a new communication channel to schedule their procedures, far better than the way it is done in a call center.


In addition, any measures that are taken to facilitate this communication process and reduce stress between the involved (patient and attendant) are valid. But we must also take into consideration that expensive solutions, especially in this time of crisis that the country has been experiencing, are not very welcome.

Below are the main advantages of having online appointment scheduling software:

Optimization of patient and service time:

All online scheduling is done 4 times shorter than over the phone. A call may take up to 14 minutes or more for busy line reasons, multiple redirects, operational inefficiency.

In many cases, the patient is not even seen at first.

“26% of people can't schedule an appointment on first call”

Making the appointment online, this will never happen, as the system will be available on the institution's website any day of the week and any time of day, and the problem of busy lines or non-attendance will not exist.

Cost reduction

With the online scheduling tool, the cost of calls and hiring call center staff will drastically decrease as you will not need a professional just to perform this function.

Flexibility for the patient

As I said above, the patient is free to make an appointment or exam at a time when he or she considers it best, as the system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, having an internet connection, he can schedule appointments through the institution's website through any device, whether smartphone, tablet or computer.

Reduction of scheduling errors

Often, due to the call center attendant's lack of attention, two appointments or exams are scheduled at the same time and with the same doctor, for example. With online appointment scheduling software, this does not happen, as it is all automated, when scheduling any procedure at a certain time, with a particular doctor, he is already locked to any other appointment.


Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages of online scheduling software is security. Firstly for the reason we just addressed, reducing scheduling errors. Also, with the software, patient information is stored in the cloud, not on paper, inside a hard drive or internal server. In the cloud, information is encrypted, which means that it will only be possible to identify what has been stored through a given code. This way, it is almost impossible to lose or steal any information. The cloud system has been widely applied to various devices including car park barriers. The cloud also makes it possible for your information to be accessed from any device, whether it is through your computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. Just have the password and an internet connection.

Got it? Modernize your business to get the optimal results!