Amazon has unveiled Dash, a handheld Wi-Fi magic wand that keeps your AmazonFresh shopping list always up to date. That means, never run out of TP again. Check out the commercial:

The device is as big as a Nintendo Wii remote, and it backs a barcode scanner and a microphone. It will allow you to scan anything when you're running low on something, without ever having to leave your kitchen, or home.

The items will be added to your Amazon or AmazonFresh account and as long as it's an item that the wand recognizes and Amazon offers, then you'll be seeing it in your cart. You'll still need to confirm payment and delivery from a browser of some sort.

That means, everything from groceries to toiletries to whatever AmazonFresh offers will be delivered to your doorstep the next day.

Right now, sign-ups for Amazon Dash are by invite only.