A good majority of us are sitting down reading this. And chances are, you're at your desk. Can a desk be ergonomic enough to save your life? 

Prolonged sitting is going to kill you, so it may be best you stand up to read this. Sitting too long can increase the risk of death by 112% and death from all causes by 50%. So it's no surprise that designers are looking for ways to make the way we've been working forever already, better.

The Tyde table was designed by French brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra. It is a motorized, height adjustable desk for both tall and short people. The desk can easily toggle sitting down and can be adjusted to a recommended dosage of standing up.


The motor will adjust the height, and keep the computers, monitors steady throughout the process. The motor is hidden underneath the table and masked by sound absorbing polyester fleece, which means, it's quiet.


Does this sound like a solution that we could all benefit from? Certainly. Check out more pictures of it and a link to the Tyde table below:


Tyde is available through Vitra.