People working with their computer probably regularly notice the mal influence and consequences of sitting way of work. Office workers often suffer from back, neck, and chest pain due to a lack of movement throughout the day. No surprise that till the end of the day most of them feel crushed and exhausted. However, there is a solution that is quite obvious, but, nevertheless, quite rarely implemented. The only solution all these people need but so rarely use is the standing desk technology.  

Online Selection with Progressive Automations

In the light of extremely growing popularity of such technology, the American and Canadian leader of linear motion automation Progressive Automations strives to present products that beat the highest efficiency and adjustability records in the current area. In the company’s online constructor here: https://www.progressivedesk.com/, clients can choose their own standing desk design that would perfectly satisfy all their demands and requirements. As a matter of fact, this constructor allows choosing and combining all the parts required to create the operating standing desk from scratch. Progressive Automations clients here are able to choose their own options among the variety of table frames, tabletops, controlling systems, colors, and parameters. What is the most exciting about these standing desks is that they can be perfectly fitted to any interior design of an office or home seamlessly as if they have always been there. 

Standing Desk Health Benefits

How often during hard working hours in the office or at home when dealing with a heavy and time-consuming projects customers have this feeling like, “How cool it would be to start working while standing next to the working place rather than sitting.” or “I wish this office table could be adjusted to my needs and be lifted a little bit.” When struggling with the inability to change the table’s vertical position, office workers start feeling discomfort the muscle and torso pain and chronic fatigue during the working day. This consequently leads to reduced performance.

A sitting position leads to blood stagnation and hinders the normal oxygen flow through the human body to the brain. No surprises that this causes bad influence on human concentration and work productiveness. The only thing such office workers will really want to do is to go away, do some little workout, but not all of them can afford themselves to be distracted from serious important projects. There is the only solution to this problem - invest in your own health by buying the standing desk technology. 

The European market tired of office workers tortured by their work found out this solution to treat problems with back and excessive weight by using the adjustable office equipment. Many top managers, businessmen, and leading experts began to increasingly equip their offices with standing desks. And now almost every European office, which is struggling for the growth of labor productivity cares about the health of its employees and equips workplaces exclusively with transformer tables that allow adjusting them according to personal needs of each customer even when a few customers use the same working station when working in shifts. As you can see the standing desk technology allows bringing to life the ideas that would be impossible in cases with ordinary office tables of regular sizes. 

The above-described technology suits to various areas of implementation: offices, home use, large conference halls, libraries, municipal institutions, etc. This makes the following technology to be the new age solution that doesn’t require too much maintenance but that is capable to solve already a few most important problems related to the labor organization: health problems, employee productivity, and space efficiency. Use the standing desk technology for everyday life and increase your performance as never before. Be progressive and forward-thinking with us.