Internet of things (IOT) also referred as Internet of Objects is the next evolutional step of Internet in digitizing the physical world around us. Connected devices will prodigiously be increasing in the future with an estimate of 25 billion things connected “things” by 2020, according to Gartner.


Undoubtedly, internet has so far been one of the powerful human inventions in the history. Now what IOT devices do, is basically manage the data in a way that it gets transformed into knowledge and information, hence improving the distribution of engineered world resources to those who require them the most;be it wireless technologies, laptops, connecting cars to smart parking meters or changing your TV channels from the mobile phone.

As many IOT projects are underway to provide us ultimate comfort, here are few we see as the most intriguing:

1. Smart Bed and Couches

You might have experienced the ultimate comfort of a warm seat in your car on a cold winter day to know how exactly it feels. For a moment, just imagine how nice and relaxing would it be to have the similar feel while laying on your bed or may be eating your dinner on the couch. Therefore it would be an immensely lavish experience to have such sort of couches, beds or chairs.

2. Smart Treadmills and Health Mobile Apps

Smart treadmills and different mobile apps already exist; detecting your heart and breathing rate as well as number of miles you walked or ran. But yet they are still said to be in their early stages.What if they can leap one step further by telling us our heart health,informing the user when he/she should visit the doctor. As cardiac attacks can be sudden and serious such devices would be beneficial.

3.Smart Cars

Remember what you wished the last time when you were exiting the mall with heavy shopping bags? Yes, you took a deep breath saying to yourself “I wish my car could drive up to the curb, open the doors and put all of these bags itself into the boot”. As amazing as it sounds, a time will soon come when you won’t misunderstand the concept of “Smart Cars” with Daimler’s company invented toy cars called “Smart”.

4. Smart Kitchen Cooker and Refrigerators

Think twice before saying“Oh we have it already “.Because in reality you don’t have it.What you have is a fridge or a cooking range with a smart screen that has auto control of temperature or at max, can be connected to the internet. How about a smart fridge that can prepare your grocery list based on what has been consumed so far and how much more will be needed in the coming week or a cooker that displays on the screen how much of what is needed in this recipe and cook it on its own.

5.Smart Cutlery

Have you ever thought your plates, spoons, bowls or glass helping you control your diet?If they will start counting your calories, it willsurely encourage you to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. This, in turn, protects you from numerous health problems.