Sharing data from your iPhone, iPad and iPod to PC is often a tough task, that can also be harmful to your devices. Considering the time it takes to transfer a large video file or a bunch of music or multiple pictures at a time, you may feel tired of the long process and the waiting involved. This is aside the fact that your PC or iPhone, iPod and iPad can contract virus in the process of the transferring when done directly. 

That’s why IOTransfer has been developed to solve this need, and aid the process of transferring files from iPhone, iPod and iPad to PC. IOTransfer will keep the transferring process of iOS content safe. In addition, it can help you manage data in your iPhone, iPod, iPad and PC, scan and delete junk files to free up spaces in your devices and much more. Certainly you don’t want to lose your best shots, moments, favorite songs, movies and files to lack of space on your device. IOTransfer helps you retain your precious moments, memories and files through backup. It is all in just one click!

The all-in-one iPhone manager which is perfectly designed to work in your Windows PC, has much wider features that every iPhone, iPod and iPad user surely needs and will enjoy. 

More Features of IOTransfer :

It can import photos from PC to iPhone, iPod and iPad, and delete bulk of needless photos in just one click.

It fast and safely shares and effectively backs up your music from all your iDevices to PC in one click.
Transfers your favorite videos to anywhere you want. 
Its Online Video Downloader tool supports downloading videos from YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo and 100+ video sites.

It transfers all or multiple contacts from your iPhone, iPod and iPad to your PC as a backup. 
It lets you manage, transfer, delete, and sync iPhone contacts the quickest and safest way.
Its new feature supports converting iOS device's HEIC image format to JPG for your computer



The device earns you the freedom of managing your files as you will.

It secures your file from virus or damage 

You can transfer pictures, music, videos in an unlimited quantity from your iPhone, iPad and iPod to your PC in just one click without having to wait for minutes or even hours.

The App is only for iPone, iPad and iPod users. It is built specifically to work for these mentioned devices because the users of the devices often find it more difficult transferring files. 
The hot demand on the App has made it a bit competitive to access. However, the IOTransfer has gone ahead to ensure it is readily available for download on its site.

This is a must have app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users. You cannot do without it if you really want to enjoy your device and its functionality to the fullest. You surely don’t worry about how to manage, transfer and protect your data with IOTransfer as it takes over the run and ensures the job is done in seconds.