An explainer video is a short fun-filled and engaging video that helps the audience know about the brand’s products and services. Explainer videos are usually animated, however, they can be created from hand or digital drawings as well. 


The core purpose behind such videos is to inform the audience and make them take action. Are you wondering how to create an amazing explainer video to enlighten your viewers about your products or services? We are here to help you out in this article.

Create an innovative script
A stellar script forms the basis of an explainer video. Everything depends upon how unique and effective your script is. A good script should appropriately summarize your company’s products and services and how they work. 

Make sure, whatever you wish to convey is easy to understand and keeps the viewer engaged throughout. Start with building a creative brief. Doing so will help you to understand your audience and goals better.  

Next, find the perfect word to time balance. For example, if the explainer video is approximately 30-45 seconds long, then keep the word count to 80-95 words. 

Choose the animation style that suits your story

Once you have made your creative brief and have finalized the script, now you have to choose the animation style ideal for your video. Selecting a good animation style can help you tone your video immensely. 

You can choose from various styles like 2D animation, 3D animation, Whiteboard animation, typography animation and many more.  If it is an educational video then go for whiteboard animation, if it is something fun yet simple, then go for 2D. And if you are willing to make something huge and impactful, then go for 3D. 
  • It really depends on what you want and how much money you want to deploy into creating an explainer video. The most frequently used ones are as follows:
Whiteboard Animation style
  • This is one of the best styles and has a very minimalistic approach. In such a style, the audiences’ core focus is on the content and not on the visual effects!
Typography Animation style
  • A classic combination of motion and text, the typography animation is quite widely used in movies. 
3D Animation style
  • The style has caused a major revolution in the industry. The animation style requires digitally modelled characters which are then moved or rotated accordingly. 
2D animation style
  • It is widely used in most explainer videos, this style creates characters, stories and a perfect background in a 2D set-up! The best 2D animation software can come in handy here.
Create the explainer animations
Next, create your animations. As a simple rule, try to keep your animated video simple, witty and entertaining. Explain your products and services in a subtle manner without being too pushy or hard. Do not make the video extra animated as that could distract the viewer from listening to what is being said. Make sure the video is impactful enough that your users will relate to your brand on watching it.

Add voiceover/music
Once the video has been made, now it’s time to add music or voiceover to it. For brands who wish to add voiceover should make sure that the voice is professional and soothing to the ears. While the script is being read, make sure that there are no glitches or unnecessary breaks. It should be well interpreted by a layman. 

Finally share it everywhere
The explainer video, in the first hand, is created for the audience. Therefore, it becomes important to share it with them. Use all your social media channels to share the video. Tie up with other brands and collaborate with them to share your video on their platform as well.

Remember, this explainer video will make people aware of your brand and eventually what you sell. Share your videos where your target audience is quite active. For example, if you have created a video about organic products, then go on Facebook pages and Instagram accounts which are exclusively followed by people who are into organic products and buy them regularly as well. 

Making the right people aware can help your brand achieve quick recognition.  Use the supremacy of videos to convey a captivating story and communicate your vision in a unique way!

Crating a good explainer video could be difficult initially but once you start the process, it becomes quite fun. Just follow the above steps carefully and in no time, you shall have the best explainer video for your brand!