Let’s imagine you’ve downloaded some great movies from Netflix or YouTube. Where would you watch them? 
Compared to a standard computer or laptop monitor, TV is more suitable for watching movies due to the size and position of the screen. As a result, you may need to connect your PC to the TV to watch movies.

To watch videos from a computer on a large TV screen, you need to perform a series of actions.

Connection of devices

The only way to use a TV as a means of viewing multimedia data from a computer is to connect one device to another.


Today, many devices can play video and audio content. By default, they are equipped with HDMI ports that allow signals to be transmitted at the highest possible speed and with minimal loss of quality. If possible, it is better to use this type of connection, since it is not only the fastest but also universal. It works simultaneously with video and audio streaming.


The next way is to use the VGA cable. This connector is present on almost all old machines, be it a computer or a laptop. Unfortunately, on many modern TVs there is no VGA port, so you cannot use this type of connection.


If you are an owner of a Smart TV or are ready to purchase some additional equipment, the connection can be made via Wi-Fi. First of all, it can be applied to laptops, since not all the desktop computers come with a special Wi-Fi adapter.


The connectors for USB devices are literally present on any modern computer. You can use them to connect your laptop to a TV. You can do it if you buy a special USB to HDMI or USB to VGA converter and connect it to your TV and laptop. Of course, you must have one of these ports on your TV model.


If you want to watch movies from a PC on a TV that comes only with RCA connectors, you will need to buy special signal converters. This solution to the problem is not too good, as the quality of the final image deteriorates considerably compared to the original one.


If there is no HDMI port on your TV and your computer has only this port, you could use special adapters. These devices are sold in many stores with computer components.

In some cases, especially concerning the connection via VGA, the sound is not transmitted together with the primary video signal from the computer to the TV. You can solve the problem by emitting sound from a PC to speakers or the TV.

Software installation
Codecs are one of the most important parts of the system, as they are responsible for the proper decoding of the film. The most recommended is the K-Lite Codec Pack.


To play movies from your computer on a TV, you will need special software - Freemake Video Converter. The program will allow you to prepare your film for viewing on an old TV model. Usually, movies from the Internet come in MKV, AVI or MP4 formats. If you have a modern TV, it's not a problem. However, for old TV you will have to convert movies to DVD since the majority of old TV sets do not support MP4. Here is where Freemake's program will help you. Download and install the software on your PC and check this page. Add your video using the "+ Video" button. Then insert a blank disk and click "to DVD" to convert video right away. After a few minutes, your DVD will be ready.

Each connection method we have reviewed will allow you to use the TV as the main screen to watch videos from a computer. However, priority connection methods include only HDMI and Wi-Fi, as the image quality is maintained at a high level

If, after reading the instructions, you have questions, flaws in the comments.