Ross Ulbricht, now known as the mastermind behind Silk Road, just appeared in court today. His lawyer is begging for more time before the detention hearing. But the judge wouldn't budge, saying he didn't know what he was going to accomplish in the next several days. Why did he want some more time? Was it so he could move some of his stash of hidden Bitcoin?

At the point of his arrest, there was $3.6 million worth of Bitcoin. Apparently, that's still chump change compared to what Ulbricht had apparently stashed away as commission. According to Forbes' Kashmir Hill:
The spokesperson says the approximately 26,000 Bitcoins seized are just the ones that were held in Silk Road accounts. In other words, it’s Silk Road users’ Bitcoin. The FBI has not been able to get to Ulbricht’s personal Bitcoin yet. “That’s like another $80 million worth,” she said, explaining that it was held separately and is encrypted. If that is indeed what he’s holding, that’s close to 600,000 Bitcoin all together or about 5% of all Bitcoin currently in existence.
If true, and assuming Bitcoin doesn't crash to the ground, the criminal mastermind might just hoard 5 percent of all Bitcoin in existence. It may also never be found. And because of that he might just do a couple of years in jail only.

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