Bitcoins are the emerging means of the online transaction. This cryptocurrency was invented in the year 2008. However, a year later, it was made an open-source software by releasing the source code.

It has come to be a new kind of money that many companies and individuals wish to make transactions. It is now looked upon as an innovative payment method. If you are not yet introduced into bitcoin, it is high time that you know and understands the basics. This article shall discuss some of the essential facts that you must understand in bitcoin. Read on to get greater insight.

Working of bitcoins

A bitcoin is a digital currency stored in an app called 'digital wallet.' The app can be viewed and maintained either using a computer or even a smartphone.

You can make online transactions using this mode of payment. As mentioned before, numerous companies and persons are willing to receive their refund in bitcoins seeing the vast potential of this particular cryptocurrency.

Now, each of these transactions that you make using bitcoins is recorded in the blockchain. Blockchain is a public platform that records, stores, and maintains every detail regarding your transactions. Since it is open to the public, every person can view your bitcoin balance and the purchases made by you using the mode by the bitcoin address. This increases the transparency of transactions. This can instill enough confidence in you that your bitcoins will not disappear in a cloud of dust.

Thus, trace history is displed to the public. It can prevent people from spending the coins that are not theirs, stop undo-ing transactions, or making copies.

Are bitcoins valuable?

Indeed, they are. It can be illustrated in a different context. Not just money defines value. Many other things are considered valuable, apart from money. Examples of such items are gold, diamond, etc.

In the same sense, bitcoins are valuable. This is since people or enterprises are ready to sell their services and goods with bitcoins in return. This adds value to the digital currency, bitcoins.

Why people prefer bitcoins?

Bitcoins are neither controlled by the government nor the banks. Many people get attracted to this digital currency due to this fact.

Another important feature that attracts people to bitcoins is that transactions via bitcoins can be proceeded by making you anonymous. You can have the provision to keep your identity ultimately unveiled. Though the transactions are stored and recorded, no other person can know your bitcoin address or account number as long as you do not reveal them. 

Making money with bitcoin

The most apparent doubt that arises these days are whether the bitcoins can be used to make money? And the answer is yes; they can be utilized for the purpose. So, how is it possible to make money with this digital currency? Read on.

You might have read about bitcoin mining in this article. It was referred to as a means of obtaining bitcoins. However, this method serves as a means to make money via bitcoins. So, what is bitcoin mining? It is the procedure wherein new coins are generated, and the information on transactions can be verified. Isn't it wonderful that for every new set of operations added to the blockchain, the miners receive bitcoins as rewards? Different online platforms are available that will help you know more about bitcoin trader. People are earning with bitcoins and becoming rich, know more about millionaire’s lifestyle

Does the law protect bitcoin miners?

For long, the bitcoin miners were arrested by concerned authorities. But in the year of 2018, the las were altered to make cryptocurrency activities legal, thereby enough protection to bitcoin miners are given. So, you need not fear out the law. Transactions using bitcoins are legalized in most countries.

How many bitcoins are remaining?

 In total, there are 21 million bitcoins generated. Of this, about 17 million is in the circulation. This implies that about 4 million bitcoins are left aside that are not yet involved in the flow. The source code of bitcoin decides the number of coins issued. 


Legalizing cryptocurrencies have unwound new dimensions to online transactions. It is another payment mode that can secure safety and identity. These advantages of transactions with bitcoins attract quite a several people to exchange their commodities for bitcoins, thereby making it valuable. This article has attempted to discuss bitcoins in detail.