Cryptocurrencies have been in the news a lot more in the past couple of years, with Bitcoin rising to all-time highs then falling drastically. New cryptocurrencies are making the news too, but what’s going to happen with all of them over the next year? Check out these top 5 predictions for cryptocurrencies in 2019 to see what you might expect.


Cryptocurrency Transactions Become More Secure

Security is always a concern when it comes to digital currencies. Those who invest in Bitcoin and are looking for ways to sell some of their cryptocurrency coins or trade for services and products are going to be looking for more secure ways to buy and sell the coins. In the next year, bitcoin lending is going to be the way to trade and sell coins as it gives the seller more piece of mind throughout the transaction.

Gaming Will Have an Impact on the Future of Cryptocurrencies

Gaming has been a huge part of cryptocurrencies in the past as those who are into gaming have been some of the first to start trading cryptocurrencies. In the next year, gaming is expected to have more of an impact on cryptocurrencies as gamers will be able to use the coins for person-to-person payments within games, using coins to purchase in games, and more. Gaming could also be a way to introduce more people to cryptocurrencies, meaning there could be more people trading in the next year.

More People and Companies Will Start Using Cryptocurrencies

Over the next year, it’s predicted that more people are going to start using cryptocurrencies. While the next year might not bring mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, it is likely that more people are going to start looking into using these coins for investments or start using them for purchasing products and services. More companies are expected to start using cryptocurrencies, which can help develop more interest in consumers.

The Price of Bitcoin Won’t Lower Much More

Bitcoin reached an all-time high not too long ago but has been going down steadily throughout the last year. However, this decline is predicted to end in the next year. It remains to be seen whether there will be a huge increase in the value of Bitcoin, but the previous bear market is starting to end. Right now, the value of Bitcoin is not expected to change much at all, either positively or negatively, but it does look like things are turning around and it should steady out for the next year, then start to climb again.

Security Tokens Become More Prominent

Many people who are considering investing in cryptocurrencies who haven’t done so yet are likely holding off because there are interested in getting more for their money. They might not be willing to purchase assets that aren’t tied to any equity, as that increases the risk they take during the purchase. In the next year, it looks like STOs (security tokens) will become more popular with new cryptocurrency investors.

Overall, 2019 looks good for cryptocurrencies and for those who want to start investing or already have money investing in Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The predictions for the next year aren’t overly ambitious, but they do show an increase in use and an increase in value for different types of cryptocurrencies.