How does cryptocurrency function? How do you make a cryptocurrency? How can you launch a coin? Well, below here are all the details which you need to know about how to create your own cryptocurrency and how your business will benefit from it.


First of all, you should know what is cryptocurrency?
It is like your normal currency but in digital form. It is accepted globally unlike physical currencies which function in their specific nations. No centralized platform binds cryptocurrencies. There are no bank notes here, but token and coins. So, what it is the different between coin and token in cryptocurrency?

1.       Coins are a single blockchain part, but token function in the present blockchains.
2.       Tokens are limited to a particular community while coins are used anywhere.
3.       Coins can buy tokens, but vice versa isn’t possible.
Are you looking forward to start a new cryptocurrency? Is it feasible for you?

In order to find out whether your business needs cryptocurrency or not, you need answer the questions given below:

1.       Does your business run on internet?
2.       Do you want your revenue in digital payment rather than cash?
3.       Do you want to include online payment option in your payment gateway?

If all your answers are yes, then you can integrate a cryptocurrency in your business. Some of the benefits to create cryptocurrency are given below:

1.       Wipe out fraud risk
2.       Anonymity of transactions
3.       Less operational expenses.
4.       Instant transactions
5.       Securer funds

Steps to make a cryptocurrency
1. Select a consensus mechanism: These are protocols which consider a specific transaction is legal or not and add to the block.
2. Choose a blockchain platform: The right selection of blockchain platform for your business relies on consensus mechanism you have chosen.
3. Design the nodes: Decide the functionality and working of the blockchain and accordingly design the nodes. For example, the permissions will be public or private? What are the hardware details needed for running?
4. Set the internal architecture of the blockchain: Ensure all the aspects before the launch as you can’t make a lot of changes to the blockchain parameters after it has been launched.
5. Include apis: Certain platforms don’t offer pre-built apis so ensure your one does. If it doesn’t, do not worry, there are so many 3rd party blockchain API providers such as Bitcore, Colu, Gem etc.
6. Make the interface: Creating a good cryptocurrency is useless if the interface isn’t good. You need to ensure that the web, external database and FTP services are new and programming is done keeping the future upgrades in consideration.
7. Make sure your cryptocurrency is legit: Make sure your cryptocurrency abodes by the international cryptocurrency regulations.

Some of the best blockchain platforms of the world are Ethereum, Waves, NEM, NXT, IOTA, EOS, Hydra Chain, coinlist, Chain Core etc.

Cryptocurrency has a very promising future in the coming time. If you are thinking to run a growing business in the coming future, then put the foundation of your cryptocurrency today. Make sure you use smart technology to create cryptocurrency for you.