We all know what are Cryptocurrencies and how they are being used in the trading market. But do you know where Cryptocurrencies are stored? Or where they are kept for easy trade exchanges? The answer is very simple, Crypto Wallets. Yes, you heard it clearly. Crypto wallets are wallets exclusively for keeping Cryptocurrencies.

If you will look into the market, you will be able to find many apps and platforms that provide crypto wallet services. Out of then, New Bitcoin App is new in the crypto wallet list. It became famous because of its efficiency in managing the Cryptocurrencies.

If you are new in the Crypto trading world, then there are few things that you must know about the crypto wallets. This knowledge may help with your efficient use of Cryptocurrencies.

1. Securing your Wallet needs to be your first priority

Crypto wallets are similar to that of the regular wallets. As your regular wallets need security, so does your Crypto wallet. Cryptocurrency transactions are very smooth, fast, and are done with less transactional fees. So with great features needs a higher level of security.

Cryptocurrencies transaction are irreversible transactions, so you need to stick with the good practices. This way you will be able to secure your Crypto wallet.

2. Cryptocurrencies are volatile

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. At one moment it can give you extra profit and the other moment, it can show you a loss. So, if you are thinking of keeping your life-saving in the form of cryptocurrencies assets. It is not advisable as of now. Cryptocurrencies are considered assets that come with high risks. So, always invest a capital that you can afford to lose.

3. Payments made by the bitcoins are irreversible

Cryptocurrencies transaction is a one-way road, which means you can not reverse the transaction. Once the transaction is done, the only way to get that money back is by the refund. So you need to be very cautious about the Cryptocurrencies transaction and must do Cryptocurrency business with only trusted and reputable people.

4. Cryptocurrencies transactions are anonyms, it is just a myth

If you think that the Cryptocurrency transaction are anonymous, then thing again. All the information is store on the public ledger. Hence, everyone present in the network can see all the transactional value and the balance of the Cryptocurrency address. However, the identity of the owner of the Cryptocurrency address remain anonymous. The identity is revealed at the time of making the transactions.

5. Bitcoin is still in the experimental phase

Cryptocurrencies are new currency innovation that has been in the market for only a decade. These Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and are in the experimental phase. Every day new improvements are being made in the Cryptocurrency. Hoping for them to become a mainstream currency. However, in the experimental phase, there are many problems that keep on surfacing giving hard times to the Cryptocurrency traders and investors.

6. How the government see the Cryptocurrencies

As we know that the Cryptocurrency is not an official currency. It is a decentralized currency independent of the political and financial issues. No government holds any authority over them. However, after seeing how the crypto traders are making a profit, the U.S government has passed a quote that says that now even the Crypto traders are liable to pay taxes on their Crypto Trade profits.


Cryptocurrency trade is all about trust and information. Even if owe them breaks, the whole Crypto trade industry will crumble down. So, it is very important to have every information that can be used to increase the profit possibility percentage with your trade. With that being said, we have enumerated things that you must know while handling Cryptocurrency wallets.