Publishing an article in the future could be as easy as using your voice. Google Glass users now have access to a plugin app that works with the WordPress publishing platform. Will every reporter wear this in the future?

The wpForGlass plugin — developed by public relations agency Weber Shandwick is not an official WordPress plugin. It also isn't at a stage where publishers can publish full-length articles via Glass too. For now, the plugin is mostly optimized for reporters or individuals covering a live event where they could quickly post new product pictures or a video to a live blog or a webapge.

It takes less than a minute for the post to be up online.

There are currently more than 330 million WordPress blogs on the web, but publishers can customize the plug-in based on how they want it used.

"It doesn't support voice commands yet, but it's in the pipeline," Farman says. "That is something we hope to have up and running by the time Google Glass officially launches."

To download the plugin, click here.