There was just one company outside of Apple who showcased their work on stage at the new iPhone 5S unveiling. It was part of a live gameplay demo of Infinity Blade III. The franchise has been downloaded over 40 million times exceeding $60 million in revenue.

Created by ChAIR Entertainment, they showcased the third installment of the game. And it was built from scratch to harness every bit of technology inside the new iPhone.


According to Donald Mustard, cofounder and creative director of the company, “Our characters have four times the resolution of what you’d see on current console games,” he said.


"We can now combine full-screen rendering effects, tons of polygons, and advanced gameplay processing in one smooth package," adds Geremy Mustard, cofounder and technical director. "And we are able to do all that with almost instantaneous load times, keeping gamers immersed in the experience instead of staring at a loading screen."

Check out  a trailer of the game:

Mustard said that they are able to render a full depth of field blur and bloom pass with a color adjust pass and more, all this while maintaining a blazing frame rate.


When it first launched in 2010, it was one of those games whose graphics just knocked you out of your seat. It sparked the discussion of how much more immersive games on smartphones could become.

Sadly, we're guessing this awesome experience may only be for the iPhone 5S. The third installment will launch on September 18 for $7.