The extremely addictive Candy Crush Saga just got a massive game update. Now they added an additional game world and 65 brand new levels. That means you're probably not going to be working a lot for a while.

The update adds a new game mode, Dreamworld. Players who have completed at least 50 levels of the original Candy Crush Saga can access the new area by tapping on a new character, Odus the Owl on the game map.

Players task: Keep Odus from falling off his perch on the moon. You've got to keep him balanced by clearing equal numbers of those candies.


Right now there are 65 levels of Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld. The level types are similar to the standard Candy Crush game, meaning some require you to reach a certain score target, some require the player to clear a certain number of jellies and some require bringing down ingredients.

Candy Crush Saga is the most popular game on Facebook and one of the top grossing apps on iOS and Android. It has been downloaded more than 500 million times in just one year and was making $850,000 a day back in September.

The update is available for iOS, Android and Facebook.