The world of Bitcoin can be an exciting and unpredictable place. The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility, with prices fluctuating wildly from one day to the next. But what causes these fluctuations, and why does the price of Bitcoin sometimes experience explosive growth? Read on to know more in detail Blockchain for intelligent supply chain

Factors that cause the bitcoin price explosion 

Like other assets, investments, or commodities, the bitcoin price is heavily based on demand and supply. Many factors cause the bitcoin price explosion as follows as

● Affects by supply and demand 

● More than any other aspect, the demand and supply of bitcoin determine the commodity's price.
● The number of coins now in circulation and the number of individuals willing to pay for bitcoin impact its market value.
● The cryptocurrency's total supply is limited to 21 million coins because of its design. The price will increase according to the degree to which the restrictions approach the available supply in circulation.
● When the limit is reached, it isn't easy to make accurate predictions about the price. Mining bitcoins does not result in any benefit when conducted in this manner.
● The price of bitcoin will shift in this scenario whenever any action is taken.

● Investor actions 

● Increased demand for Bitcoin, the most widely used cryptocurrency, directly results from Bitcoin's scarcity.
● Expert investors keep bitcoins long-term and hedge against price volatility by not buying certain assets.
● When it comes to getting bitcoin securities approved by the SEC, brokers do a great job. Additionally, the price volatility of bitcoin is beneficial to investors.
● How bitcoin whales (large bitcoin investors) will convert their holdings to fiat cash remains a mystery.
● If the "whales" start selling Bitcoin, the price will drop precipitously as retail buyers flee the market in fear.
● Bitcoin's price volatility as a means of exchange and a store of wealth is influenced, at least partly, by differing viewpoints.

● Regulations

● In the short term, the facts about regulations affect the price of bitcoin, but the relevance of these data is still being discussed and examined today.
● The crypto opinions of government agencies influence the price of bitcoin. For instance, the services provided by the internal revenue department are seen as a convertible form of digital money known as bitcoin. This is because bitcoin can be exchanged for cash.
● Bitcoin is also regarded as a capital asset if it is currently being used as a tool for investment.
● In addition, it is possible to mine bitcoin; however, you will be required to record any earnings you make since such earnings are tied to the coin's value on the market as of the current date.
● Following the meeting of the state council's financial stability & development committee, regulations on bitcoin mining were tightened. 

● Media and news 

News and media is the medium that has content of business for viewer and readers. In addition, it provides information and experts' predictions that are only verified by opinions. 

● It is not common to come opinions from heavily investing in bitcoin and states that the currency will get worth it soon.
● The other media hype of newly invented cryptocurrencies tries and take the market away from bitcoin.
● Most public and media attention affects bitcoin price and benefits people to earn many coins. 
● When the hype is down, and investors understand the link to bitcoin through futures contracts traded on the commodities market, the price will fall again.

● Bitcoins are in their infancy. 

As the crypto exchange means, bitcoins have been used for a long time. It replaces the fiat currency that the government backs. But bitcoin will come in short use if it keeps in the price discovery phase. 

It means the bitcoin price will fluctuate continuously as users, investors, and the government are concerned with price.


The Bitcoin market is complex and multifaceted, and many factors can contribute to its price fluctuations. By understanding the market dynamics and staying up-to-date on news and trends, investors can make informed decisions and potentially benefit from the opportunities presented by the cryptocurrency market.