Performing automation testing or creating a graphic design can take a lot of time if the content is not ready yet. On the other hand, if you have a free Lorem Ipsum generator, you can generate fictitious text anytime to test the outcome or final look. You can save a lot of time by using the text generated by the lorem ipsum generator when you don't have the text to use in a web design, typography, or visual design project. Most designers use lorem ipsum as their placeholder text by default.

Designers often use a text fragment known as a "Lorem Ipsum" to fill up the space before the actual content is posted temporarily. It helps to show how the text will look once a piece of web page has been finished.

Learn more about the term "Lorem Ipsum," its usage and various free online Lorem Ipsum Generators:

What is Lorem Ipsum?

When fresh content is being developed, a placeholder text called Lorem Ipsum, sometimes known as "lipsum," is utilized in the design. It fulfills the requirement of the designers as they don't have to wait for the creation and approval of the content before deciding where it should be displayed on the page.

Originally extracted from a Latin document, it would seem meaningless to a reader today. This is the clever part because it shows how the text will look on the page without distracting from the main subject, which is the overall layout.

There are many theories about the text's origin in ancient Rome. Many expressions and terms used in the Lorem Ipsum current versions are found in the ethics work of Cicero, a Roman Philosopher in 45 BC, created.

How to use Lorem Ipsum Generator?

It takes little effort to use the lorem ipsum generator. You don't need to be a professional to generate text from it. Most of them need you to provide the number of paragraphs, sentences, and words. You can add a heading, list, and paragraph tags from the available options.

The user can copy the generated text and then paste it into the website once you've reached a point where you're happy with it. It is that easy to include text produced by a lorem ipsum generator.

If you're wondering which lorem ipsum generator will work best for your purpose, we've included a list for your convenience. We will go have a look at some of  the top lorem ipsum generators, and their offerings.


LambdaTest serves as a one-stop solution for many types of technical generators. Lorem Ipsum generator is one of them and is used widely for generating content for designing web products.

Here it is quite important to note that Lorem Ipsum content is never designed to be used for long-term, and it is suggested to use it during the prototype stage, design process, and testing and replace it with the final version soon.

LambdaTest allows users to generate these Gibberish phrases without paying anything and use them for varied purposes. To start using the generator, the user needs to hit "Lorem Ipsum Generator" and can have the desired text displayed on the screen.

Lorem Ipsum text from Lamdatest does not distort the visual hierarchy or the design layouts. It is generated, copied, and pasted only as a placeholder text until the real visuals or text are produced to fill the space. The LambdaTest free tool can be used online and is best known for generating relevant results for users.

Bacon Ipsum

The Bacon Ipsum is one of the renowned Lorem Ipsum generators used widely for generating placeholder text. The procedure is simple: enter the count of paragraphs you want and then hit the "Generate" tab. You will have the complete content in front of you. 

For Chrome users, there is a plugin for their browser called The Bacon Ipsum Generator. The bacon lorem ipsum generator can produce texts with up to nine paragraphs. The generated text can be copied and pasted to your clipboard. You can integrate the Bacon Ipsum generator into your website by using the Ipsum WordPress plugin.

The Bacon Ipsum is compatible with mobile operating systems like iOS and Android and is accessed via a mobile device. The Bacon Ipsum website and app have received many positive reviews, and people like to work with them as their User Interface is quite interesting. It saves a lot of time if you have their plugin synchronized to your browser, as it will take seconds to access and generate the required content.
Lorem Ipzum:

With the online lorem ipsum text generator, the procedure is quite easy for generating Lorem Ipsum content. As a web developer, it saves a lot of time for you and allows you to choose the relevant HTML components for your platform.

With Lorem Ipzum, the text generator process is quite easy as the platform allows users to enter the count of paragraphs. They can choose upto 20 paragraphs. Going further, the length of paragraphs can also be chosen between long, short, and medium.

The lorem ipsum generator can be used by web developers, programmers, and graphic designers who need material to fill the blank spaces in their designs.

To know how the final product would look, the typographers and graphic designers used Lorem Ipzum concerning editorial and readability requirements. The tool allows the user to keep a keen eye on graphic layout, which is why it is used widely by programmers to fill empty spaces in their designs and layouts.


The Lorem Ipsum Generator tool of RandomTextgenerator allows developers to generate random content conveniently. The main goal of the generator is to help the designer look at the final version of the layout before it is finalized or is live. The RandomTextgenerator Lorem Ipsum Generator is easy and free to use, and they do not support any pop-ups or ads. To start with the procedure, you have to visit the platform and choose the language and  hit on the GO tab, and you will have the result in front of you. Now you can copy the content and paste it into your files. You can perform this action multiple times to have the desired texts.

They provide assistance in multiple languages for the people hailing from different parts of the world. The RandomTextgenerator has been in the industry for many years and has been serving people with their quality services.

WordPress Lorem Ipsum Plugins

The WordPress platform is one of the most used platforms around the world. The benefit of using WordPress as a content management system is the accessibility of premium and paid plugins. Using WordPress plugins may save time and lessen the effort needed to optimize a website.

You can alter a WordPress theme to enhance the user experience for site visitors and better reflect your brand identity. Users can access a selection of lorem ipsum generator plugins via the WordPress CMS. As a result, you don't need to be concerned about the text you choose to fill out your layout. A few plugins in this section include WP Lorem ipsum, Just Add Lipsum, the Dummy text generator, and WP Lipsum.

The lorem ipsum generator can be used to test the layout of designs while creating websites with WordPress. For instance, lorem ipsum can be used to evaluate how the text will look on various mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.


One of the simplified tools for generating Lorem Ipsum for web platforms, the FreeFormatter, is used widely by people. It allows you to choose the number of sentences and list items or paragraphs you want. The tool allows the user to select the HTML markups and text length. FreeFormatter supports Pokemon Ipsum, Batman Ipsum, Marvel Ipsum, and Lorem Ipsum. FreeFormatter tool allows the web developer to generate upto 50 paragraphs, 5000 words, 250 list items, and 250 sentences. These options make it a great tool as the user can generate complete content simultaneously.

FreeFormatter tool is used by professionals worldwide and has been one of the best in serving users without any error. The tool also has a positive rating and reviews and is recommended for generating dummy or Lorem Ipsum text. Apart from the Lorem Ipsum Generator, FreeFromatter offers many other tools to help programmers. Their tools are efficient and per the current scenarios of the technical arena.


WebFX platform is one of the renowned platforms worldwide for its tools. The platform allows users to choose between sentences, words, and paragraphs and enter the count they want before clicking on the Generate tab. Once they have selected the option and entered the count, they can click on the Generate tab. Within a fraction of a seconds, the relevant results will be displayed on the screen to be copied and used wherever required.

Using Lorem Ipsum is quite easy as it can be generated per the requirement and ease off the designers from the pressure to create meaningful content instantly. They can focus on creating the website and adding content once the page is ready. Instead of using filler content stating "Insert Content here," the Lorem Ipsum is said to use a random distribution of words and look like standard English is written. It makes it a lot easier for the designer to focus on varied visual elements rather than the quality of content to be posted.


Although many Lorem Ipsum Generators are available on the internet, Freetools is one of the simplified solutions for programmers. The tool allows the users to select among the paragraphs, sentences, words and list of items as the first option, followed by mentioning the count of your selection. The next option is to opt for HTML markup and then hit the Generate button. You will have the desired result in the box in seconds.

It is an interesting tool and has been used by developers for many years to generate Lorem Ipsum for their work. The text generated by Freetools is random and meaningless but is a useful placeholder text for developers and designers.


The WebsitePlanet is one of the tools that web developers and designers widely used due to the varied number of options available. Designers sometimes require a lot of content to be posted and have many requirements. WebsitePlanet Lorem Ipsum generator tool allows the user to choose developers and options like paragraphs, characters, sentences and words. It will help the user to generate the desired content only. Also, they can select the HTML or rich text per their requirement. Once they have entered the content count, the tool automatically picks up the options and displays the content in the box below.

This free and quick-to-use tool saves much time by being specific to the user's requirements. In case you are looking for a trustable platform to use every time the requirement arises, the WebsitePlanet is one of the best in generating quality content per the user's mentioned requirements. The content generated can be downloaded or copied to be used in the relevant spaces. The WebsitePlanet offers many other tools that can be used in their daily technical work.


As a web developer, using a lorem ipsum generator will help you save time and effort while writing the text for your website. You may use this text in your mockups and then change the content. Lorem ipsum is the standard dummy text used by web designers, developers, and typographers to show how a design looks. The above listed online Lorem Ipsum generator will help you in selecting the right tool for your technical requirements and the information mentioned by us will help you in differentiating them and selecting the best one. It would help if you replaced the dummy text with the real content once the design is complete. It can harm your SEO efforts and lower your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).