When bitcoin was first introduced back in 2009, its value stood at nothing. However, at present, one bitcoin is priced at USD 20,119.90. Its value has only continued to increase as time has passed in  digital currency

If it has been a time since you started investing in bitcoin and have accumulated a good amount of profits, it may be a good idea to start selling off some of your coins. On the other hand, you may also choose to convert your existing holdings in bitcoin into cash which you can use just as your other fiat currency.

The Easy Way To Transfer Your Bitcoin Holdings To Your Bank Account

When it comes to transferring bitcoin into bank accounts, there are several ways you can make use of. This is, primarily, a similar process to exchanging currency while at an international airport. Essentially, you are exchanging your bitcoin for fiat currency in the amount that it is equal to. 

Along the lines of the comparison of cryptocurrency with traditional currency, there also exists an exchange rate when transferring crypto into your bank account. However, unlike traditional currency, which has a fixed exchange rate, the exchange rate of bitcoin depends on its current demand. Therefore, how much money you will get from your bitcoin depends on how many people are looking to buy bitcoin at the time of transfer.

Transferring bitcoin to bank accounts

Among all the common methods of bitcoin conversion to  cash, the first is by involving a third party and getting an intermediary to facilitate the transfer. The other is by doing it directly. Through this method, you use the peer-to-peer transaction method. 

Third-party exchange 

This is another form of mentioning a crypto exchange. All you have to do is deposit the bitcoin into the exchange and withdraw your money once this has been confirmed. 

Although this is not the fastest method, it is the quicker and more secure method of the two. The average time that crypto exchanges will take to transfer money to your bank account is around 4-6 days, although this number varies depending on your bank. 

If you do decide to use a broker exchange, here are a few simple steps you may follow to do so:

Choose which broker you wish to be your intermediary in this process. There are several popular platforms to trade cryptocurrency, such as Brexit millionaire. 
Then, sign up, make your account and complete the verification process of the brokerage that you chose. 
Deposit or buy bitcoin and put it into your account. 

Peer-to-peer platforms

This is a more anonymous and secure method of bitcoin trading. Since you are given the option to choose which payment method you wish to use, you are, consequently, charged a quicker transaction with fewer fees. 

Such transactions are usually safe but risky if you don't have an eye to look out for fraudsters. It is vital to steer clear of those who wish to scam you out of your money and keep your holdings locked until the payment confirmation has been received. This is mainly due to the anonymous nature of the transaction. 

Moreover, in certain exchanges, you will even be allowed to advertise your holdings to maximize their selling potential. You may even choose to leave behind reviews on certain buyers such that future sellers are aware of any fraud. In all, this can be a very secure transaction. 

If you have decided to trade through these anonymous platforms, here are a few steps you must follow: 

Choose which peer-to-peer exchange platform you want to use. 
Sign up and pick where you want your buyer to be located. 
Send trade requests and use these exchanges as a means to find buyers. 
Make sure to be safe and keep your assets locked until you have received and verified the payment confirmation. 


If you are thinking of making a change in your investment portfolio and are unsure about the various ways you can cash out your crypto. Hopefully, this detailed article could be of assistance to you. Note there are multiple methods when it comes to the conversion of Bitcoins to cash; you should choose the right one that meets your needs and requirements.