Shopping for certain people during the holidays can be very stressful and difficult. Not everyone wants a traditional Christmas gift, like a new sweater, air fryer, or cooking set. For handymen that work on projects at home or in the garage, and that’s all they do, it can be frustrating to try and find something that would be fitting for them this holiday season, especially if you don’t know what to look for. 

This year, try a more unconventional approach to gift-giving. For example, several items in welding supplies can make the perfect gift for that difficult family member or friend. Admittedly, it’s a niche market, and can be an intimidating one to explore if you don’t know the field at all. 

But you don’t need to purchase an expensive new blow torch to nail down the perfect gift. There are several—relatively inexpensive and normal—items under the umbrella of welding that could impress come Christmas morning. 

According to Statista, the average amount Americans expect to spend on holiday shopping in 2022 is approximately $930, the most Americans expect to spend in more than 20 years. Luckily, there are some inexpensive welding supplies that won’t push your budget over the edge. Below are five solid options for welding lovers this holiday season. 

1. A Solid New Welding Jacket 

One of the most important items for safe welding, welding jackets actually aren’t too expensive at all. You can find a safe, solid welding jacket for as low as $30, though most of the better ones hover around the $100-200 mark. 

Not only is this a safe and stylish gift option, but it can also encourage your at-home welder to be safer than he might be on a regular basis, as it’ll protect them from potential burns and other issues. 

2. Personalized Welding Gloves 

This welding item is perfect for stuffing a stocking or adding a last-minute, icing-on-the-cake gift for a loved one. Not only will they protect the welder's hands from burns, but they can also be used in several different working situations, like yard work or working under the hood. 

Plus, they come in a variety of different colors, so you can personalize this practical gift to add a nice, thoughtful touch. Even if they already have welding gloves, refreshing them with a new pair will better protect the user and make up for wear and tear attached to their old gloves. 

3. New Lenses or Safety Glasses 

Whether you’re replacing the visor on a full-scale welding helmet, or simply replacing protective glasses, getting new lenses will provide better vision and boosted protection for the welder. This is a simple and inexpensive way to improve their welding supplies collection. Protecting your eyes is one of the most important aspects of welding, so getting new lenses is a practical and thoughtful gift. Plus, it won’t break your bank. 

Often, you can purchase a collection of lenses so the welder can have spares when their current pair wears out. Glasses are easily personalized or inscribed as well, so you can add your loved one’s initials or any other fun addition to your gift. 

4. A New Carrying Case for Supplies 

Welding requires lots of different types of supplies and materials. This can be difficult to keep up with if you’re moving from one job to another frequently. A new case allows a welder to stay organized and be more effective in getting a certain job done. Even if all the welding they do is at home, having a clean, allocated area for the supplies will simplify the welder's life and likely please the rest of the family as well. 

Eliminate the mess of welding by keeping all the necessary materials in one convenient location or case. 

5. Welding Sleeves 

These sleek, protective sleeves are stylish and provide an extra level of comfort and safety when tackling welding projects. These allow welders to be protected without having to wear a big heavy jacket during the warm months. Welding sleeves are elastic material that is both stretchy and sturdy.

Sleeves are perfect because they are something a welder might not purchase for themselves. They might think they are fine with a jacket, some safety glasses, and a helmet. And by and large, they are. But this way, they have options for how they want to attack new projects.

6. A Premier New Welding Helmet 

If you really want to impress this holiday season, consider purchasing a new welding helmet. Keep in mind, this will be much more expensive than the aforementioned gifts. A new helmet runs at about $200 at least, and the price goes up from there. This is the perfect gift if you have a very dedicated welder living in your home. 

A nice new helmet will not only protect them from their projects better than they were already, it will inspire them to achieve new goals and projects. They’ll feel like a professional welder, confident in their abilities to take new risks or go the extra mile. 


Shopping for welders isn’t as complicated or intimidating as it might seem. There are many little accessories or items of protective equipment that are perfect for stocking stuffers or meaningful gifts, and your family member or friend will notice your thoughtfulness. 

You don’t need to purchase a large, expensive piece of machinery or blow torch to hit the nail on the head this holiday season. A protective jacket, glasses, or sleeves are perfect additions to a welder’s collection. Plus, they’ll take to heart your efforts to get them something they’ll enjoy and use often. 

In interests that are more niche or specific, like welding, it can feel impossible to find gifts that are heartfelt and personalized. It’s a complex world of machines, torches, protective gear, and technical terms and phrases that can be overwhelming. But if you take a step back and get a more well-rounded view, you’ll find some perfect gift options that are both fitting and inexpensive. 

Treat your welders well this holiday season and show them you care about their interests with a specific gift in welding supplies. Get some stylish work gloves for yourself while you’re at it.