It’s okay if you are finding it hard to navigate an intricate XR design.

Moreover, it is also okay if you are already a pro in a handful of related skills in your career.

This is because, you can always, as a beginner and pro, use a couple of practical tips to level up your already great work.


With that said, let us bring you some of the most useful ways you can choose to improve your design and project execution simultaneously.

Learn about 3D game engines
When it comes to getting to the basics of an XR design, 3D gaming engines can be very useful to take a handy start with.

Yes, that’s right.

The reason is that game engines help you a lot with things or essentials needed to execute one of the most immersive and engaging XR designs. You get to know a lot about how your project is going to turn out once finalized.
Moreover, these engines also help you solve many problems related to graphics, sound & audio, virtual environment, and so on.

Try your hand at basic 3-D modeling
You must have heard someone say, “start small when you are not in the position to target something big.”

The same can be the case when you are struggling with 3-D modeling in your XR design.

This simply means that instead of getting into the complicated and too-tricky-to-comprehend models, try your hands at basic 3-D models.

This will help you understand how to reach a solution in case you find yourself stuck in a problem.
Moreover, slowly you will be able to develop your own knowledge about creating some of the most exciting models in your XR design. 

Create a community or get yourself into one 
This may sound cliché at first, but it is actually not.

Yes, you read that right!

The thing you hear about “peer support” is real when it comes to focusing all your energies on something as creative and tricky as an XR design.

There are a ton of benefits to creating a community based on similar interests. You get to stay updated with all the latest trends hitting your focused market, your knowledge keeps increasing with every new day, you stay motivated, and so on.

Don’t shift your focus away from your targeted audience

You will see many designers making a common mistake every now and then.

That mistake includes shifting their main focus away from their targeted audience.

The focus on the main audience actually helps you a lot in getting a ton of things straight in your XR design.

For example, from character building, and environment imaging, to color combination, etc., will become a lot easier once you are aware that your project will target adults or children in particular.

Make UX design your best friend 
Last but the most important key to an exceptional XR design is getting a good grip on UX designing skills.
This is because UX designing will help you learn a lot about basic designing principles, how to express your thoughts creatively, make everything easy to access, and so much more.

Bottom Line:
Feeling stuck in your XR design? Or running out of ideas on how to bring the best out of your project?

No worries because handy tips and tricks will always be there for you.

And this is exactly what we hope that the above-written points helped you with.

Lastly, if you have anything to share, do let us know without holding yourself back!