It's not hot news that electric bikes win convenient ones in their flexibility and smart adaptation to any kind of terrain. This is particularly why more and more fans of offroad trips opt for mountain electric bikes.

But is fast mountain electric bike suitable for driving offroad and being overall fast in these conditions? Let's find it out in this article.


Fast mountain bikes for ofroad trips

Mountain electric bikes are well-known for their high motor power, agility and durability. Also, unlike conventional mountain bikes, you can choose between a few speed modes and pedal-assist modes, which really helps you during the ride. Mountains, known for rocky terrains and constant need to balance your speed require your eBike to be flexible at least. These qualities are perfect for offroad trips.

Balancing your speed is critical, and mountain eBikes provide you with a perfect assistance in this case. Also, you can be sure that your battery charge will be just enough to assist you thorughout the whole ride, and that your motor is powerful enough to take any challenge. Offroad riding, just like exploring mountain trails, requires your eBike to be durable and adaptable to any conditions.

But not every electric bike is suitable for offroad. Regular ones don’t have enough battery capacity and motor power to take you thorugh all the bumps and mud, not to mention a ride back home.

Mountain electric bike, on the other hand, are something different. They can assist your pedaling and withstand a lot of pressure on the hardest terrains ‒ all thanks to the powerful motors and sturdy frames. Basically, a mountain eBike owner can easily improve their riding skills on a bike like that, consistently choosing more difficult terrains. 

Let’s take Delfast TOP 3.0 as an example. By default this model fits into the Class 2 category of electric bikes with 750W of motor power and 20MPH of maximum speed. But if you take this eBike offroad and switch to Unlimited pedal-assist mode, you’ll unleash whole 3000W of power with ability to reach 50MPH. What’s even better here is the range of this model. TOP 3.0 has a 72V 48Ah battery that can give you solid 100 miles of range even under the most difficult conditions.
On the top of that, Delfast TOP 3.0 has motorcycle tires with an option to buy dirt tires specially for offroad trips.

Things to note while riding a mountain electric bike offroad
Having a powerful electric bike to take you both to mountain trails and offroad trips is a great choice of vehicle. To enhance your experience and make sure everything goes smoothly during every trip, you need to remember the basics.

1. Safety. A lot of states won’t ask you to have a driver’s license to operate a Class 2 eBike, but having a helmet is a must regardless of whether you states requires you to wear it or not. It’s a matter of your personal safety.

2. Traffic rules and vehicle regulations. If you travel interstate, make sure your electric bike is allowed on the common roads.

3. Mint eBike condition. You have to check at least three important things before taking off for your trip. First, make sure your two-wheeler is fully charged. Next, check the air pressure in the tires — it should be neither too high nor too low. And, finally, check your chains and brakes — everything should work smoothly. You might want to apply some grease if you didn't use your eBike for a long time.

If you're going to be on the road after the sunset, make sure your eBike lights are working.

Also, you have to plan your route thoroughly to comfortably use your battery. For example, TOP 3.0 has 3455Wh, and harsh road conditions will take around 30Wh per every mile. With that in mind, 110 miles is a perfect range for a battery like that.

Stay safe and stay alert — don't get distracted during your rides, especially when you're commuting back home. Pay attention to the road and be prepared for everything — you can't be too careful while riding offroad.