Do you often feel left out when your friends talk about the latest OTT shows? Well, there’s so much content to watch out there and so little time. Moreover, watching an interesting crime drama online on your tiny phone or laptop screen is just not good enough. So, what are your options? Get a new smart TV with OTT apps built-in or well, go for a cheaper alternative – an android box


Smart TVs are extremely good to watch any show on the big screen. Thanks to better video quality and clear audio, they are becoming a necessary expense for households. But, what if you want to stick to your regular TV and currently don’t want to spend on a smart TV?! Android Box is the perfect solution for you. Why? It’s cheap, it’s effective, and it brings the regular network shows and OTT world together. 

If you wish to explore the vast world of OTT entertainment, consider now to upgrade to an android box. 

Here’s why.

Reasons why you should upgrade to an android box today

Before getting into several reasons why you should upgrade to android box, let’s understand what an android box is.
Android box: What is it and how does it work?

An android box is simply a set top box which helps you to stream OTT channels on your regular TV, TV that doesn’t support OTT apps. The box will have built-in OTT apps and storage space (depending on the box). It can be connected to the TV like a normal set top box. 

You can also connect your android box to the internet using wifi or ethernet slots available in the box. 
Now that you understand what an android box is, let’s know more about its features which make the upgrade worth it.
Features which make the upgrade to an android box worth it

An android box is a very effective alternative to a smart TV. 

Most of the android boxes are extremely affordable when compared to a smart TV. A smart TV will cost you somewhere around 25k to 40k. The price goes higher for different brands and screen sizes. But the cost for an android box always remains extremely lower than that of a smart TV. 

For example: you can buy Airtel Xstream box for just one-time fee of Rs. 2000! The Mi android box costs around Rs. 3999 and the new Tata Play Binge box costs somewhere around Rs. 2500. 

No compromise on quality
You might think that such affordable alternatives will not provide good video or audio quality. But as a user you will notice that most of the android boxes provide 4K video quality and really good audio system. 
The Airtel Xstream box offers 4K video quality along with Dolby 5.0 surround system, best in the business to its users. So don’t worry, you are not compromising on the quality.

DTH and OTT with android box
If you wish to watch your TV shows and OTT content on your smart TV, you will have to get a normal set top box to view your regular TV shows. But with an android box, there’s no need to get a separate set top box for your network TV shows. You can always switch between DTH and OTT platforms using the same set top box. 
Moreover, the android boxes come with built-in Chromecast and their separate voice enabled remotes (depends on the brand). 

So why wait? Go for a cheaper, effective, and versatile option for your entertainment today with an android box. You can check out the available boxes in the market. Do a price and features comparison to get the best one for yourself.