A master’s degree, usually a one or two years program, prepares students for better career opportunities in their desired field. This advanced degree helps you focus on your area of interest and gain specialized knowledge. Apart from opening the door to a vast number of employment opportunities and helping you advance your knowledge, it improves networking, personal development as well as your chances of earning more money. 

A master’s degree in computer-aided design (CAD) prepares university students for industry recognition. It gives the much-required boost to the designers to advance their careers in the field. Such degree programs are very flexible with their format, offering online, offline, and hybrid modes of learning. If you are someone who is planning to pursue a master's in CAD and are searching for programs that may suit you, we have got you covered. In this article, we provide a list of top schools from around the world offering a computer-aided design master’s degree to help prospective students narrow down their search. 

1) Master of Fine Arts, Temple University 

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Temple University is a public research university providing a two-year Master of Fine Arts degree in Metals/CAD. It allows students to access the latest technology and also assists in personal mentorship. Students also get the chance to travel for research purposes and attend national conferences. Areas of specialization include metalsmith skills, digital fabrication technology, casting, and laser welding among others. 

Temple university ensures that students are prepared to take on professional roles as designers and craftspeople. However, enrolling in a professional degree program can be exhausting. Students may reach a saturation point and lack the motivation to study or even finish their assignments. Nonetheless, the availability of the best online essay writing services reviews has saved the lives of students from the hassle of writing essays. Now they can conveniently order essays online after having a look at the reviews and opt for the best deal out there. 

2) MSc in Advanced Process Integration and Design, The University of Manchester

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, University of Manchester, situated in England, has a master of science (MSc) program in Advanced Process Integration and Design. Some highlights of the program are as follows: 

It aims to inculcate a deep understanding of process integration and design principles.
The duration of the course is 1 year.
Requirements include prior qualification in chemical engineering
Students can choose electives every semester as per their convenience and interest. 

3) MS in Industrial Engineering, Florida Agricultural, and Mechanical University

The Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University offers an MS in industrial engineering. Located in Tallahassee, Florida, USA, and founded in 1887, Florida A&M University’s graduate program is popular among students. It also provides students with a choice to either go for traditional MS or pursue a specialization in engineering management. Students selecting the latter option do not need to submit a thesis as opposed to the regular MS which requires one to write and defend their thesis. Writing assignments can be very draining, let alone a thesis. However, with the help of, students can get the best possible solution to all their essay writing problems and much more. This way, any course will become less demanding and more enjoyable.

Final Note

A computer-aided design master’s degree is offered by universities to students who fulfil the course requirements. It is a graduate degree that imparts extensive knowledge to students and trains them for professional high paying roles such as architects, industrial engineers, and designers. All in all, it increases your chances of getting better job opportunities in the field and landing prestigious roles in the market. Some above-mentioned programs in this regard can help you make an informed decision. 

Author: Diane Sherron

Diane Sherron is a business analyst and a professional writer. She mostly works at the intersection of education and business. When she is not busy with her work, she can be found reading philosophical books and sipping coffee.