Privacy and security while using the Internet are important for ordinary people, IT employees, as well as entrepreneurs. Therefore, online users are increasingly considering ensuring anonymity when visiting various platforms. Internet clients most often apply residential (or 911) proxies for such purposes.

The market is full of different IT companies that offer services for replacing users' IP addresses. Therefore, even proficient consumers have problems selecting a reputable organization to buy 911 proxy. So, IT experts have compiled a list of short recommendations for those with similar difficulties.

Disadvantages of Cheap and Free Proxies


Many users frequently apply low-cost or gratis gateways in pursuit of cost savings. Such an approach is fraught with negative consequences because chargeless servers often:

1. Are overloaded by users – a low price increases demand. Therefore, the servers constantly crash or interrupt.
2. Work through the HTTP protocol – and it means a lack of security, even at a primal level. Thus, it's easy to see what users do while applying cheap gateways.
3. Contain malware as well as spyware – so, the clients' PCs may be infected by such digital viruses.

Furthermore, performing payments is dangerous when using the low-cost and gratis proxy. The bank cards' details may be stolen by scammers.

Why Is It Worth Purchasing Paid Residential Gateways?

Chargeable proxies (e. g. SOAX) stand out for their stable traffic speed as well as smooth operation. Such servers replace actual clients’ IP addresses with other real ones. So, the desired resources detect a gateway user as a live person.

Ability to Choose a Proxy for Specific Needs

This option will be beneficial for travel lovers. Certain social media resources and hosting sites are blocked in some countries, such as:

Bahrain – the local authorities restricted access to Facebook and YouTube back in 2011;
Egypt – here, in 2011, the Internet had been turned off for some time;
Saudi Arabia – being in the country, tourists can't visit Facebook, YouTube, and use Viber.

Intelligence agencies of some developed countries collect information about local Internet users. E. g., Great Britain's secret services receive and analyze up to 10% of all online traffic within the country. Thus, using VPN will be a great decision in similar cases.

Great Selection of Rate Plans

Generally, the companies selling the gateway services propose several different offers to consumers. Thus, clients with various budgets can choose the most suitable one. The consumers may get more information about different tariff plans, e. g., on