In order to understand the principles of operation of the CDN and to realize the significance of their use, it is possible to draw an analogy with the physical world. Imagine that you have a store in New York. To get to it from other countries, customers need to overcome a huge distance. But if you make a network of branches around the world, distance will no longer be a problem, and the number of buyers will increase dramatically.


Why Are Points of Presence So Important to the Operation of CDN?
The same thing happens in the digital environment. If information about your website is stored on a local server or even in the cloud, it will not be easy to use it from distant places in the world. However, thanks to CDN hosting, you get points of presence (PoPs) in various parts of the globe. Your content is easily downloaded by all users due to the fact that the CDN sends their request to the nearest caching server.

Choose CDN with a Lot of PoPs
To understand how effective the CDN service of a particular provider is, take a look at the distribution map of its Points of Presence. If your target audience is well covered, you will significantly increase the number of consumers due to CDN hosting.

The CDN infrastructure of G-Core Labs is one of the biggest that guarantees quick and reliable content delivery as well as high protection of it from cyberattacks:

Despite the fact that it already has more than 140 points of presence around the world, its expansion is still underway
Today, more than 11 thousand peering partners participate in the traffic exchange
Thanks to such intensity of the CDN network, the information request time is reduced to 30 ms

CDN not only speeds up the delivery of digital content but also protects it. Therefore, CDN hosting allows you to build the most effective and reliable channel of communication with your customers.