An Amazon seller always has a lot on their plate. This load becomes twofold when the Amazon seller is working alone without any assistance. There are two different types of Amazon sellers; those who just started as new Amazon sellers and those in the field for a long time. And in this case, both of them need professional assistance.

A seller who just started as a new Amazon seller won't have enough experience or knowledge regarding FBA. They are most likely to be still working on another job which means they won't have enough time to study and learn about running their business on Amazon. On the other hand, a professional Amazon seller will need professional assistance to handle all mundane yet challenging tasks to keep their head above water. 

According to a study, most successful Amazon sellers believe that hiring FBA Amazon Virtual Assistants contributed to their success. Therefore, you need to find the best FBA Amazon Virtual Assistant to reach your goals.

Training virtual assistants on your own is a very time-consuming task and often very unreliable. So, you should follow these step-by-step tips if you are trying to find an amazon virtual assistant.

1. Identify your need to hire one

Before you decide to hire a virtual assistant, you must know why you need the services of an Amazon Virtual assistant. Determine which tasks you will need to delegate to your virtual assistant. Ask yourself whether the task you are about to perform is critical enough for you to do or can be quickly taken care of by an assistant? Focus on managing your business and taking care of tasks that require your decision-making. You can leave all the other technical tasks for your FBA Amazon Virtual Assistant.

Your FBA virtual assistant can help you manage inventory, resolve customer queries, filter suppliers, handle your social media and PPC, and reply to customer feedback and reviews.

2. Create a proper qualifying criterion

The presence of adequately structured qualifying criteria is essential before starting the hiring procedure. The key to finding the best FBA Amazon virtual assistant is knowing what skills you are looking for in your virtual assistant. Forming a qualifying criterion based on the skills you are searching for will ease your hiring process by a significant amount.


Another crucial step is to put together a clear and specific job description. Your job description should include all sorts of tasks that you want to delegate to your virtual assistant. Include detailed instructions about your requirements and provide details about your job and what you do. It is also imperative that you provide elaborated instructions about each task at the beginning of your virtual assistant's term to be completely satisfied with their work. Once they've worked for you for a while, they will figure out your working style and will not need any further instructions.

3. Test their creativity

Testing someone's creativity might sound absurd, but you can do that. Your FBA virtual assistant should be creative and think outside the box. You don't want an assistant who sticks to their textbook ways. A creative virtual assistant will make an excellent social media manager and help you out a lot in the long run.

A creative virtual assistant will also be ambitious and will constantly try to improve and enhance their skills. They will be motivated to learn as much as they can to improve as a virtual assistant, which will be very beneficial for you and your business.

4. Test their technical skills

A virtual assistant should be very good at taking care of technical tasks. Since all of their work needs to be done virtually over the computer, their technical skills should be extraordinary and fast. They should know their way around MS Word, MS Excel and easily create PowerPoint presentations. 

Since an FBA virtual assistant has to carry out product research, listing management, PPC management, inventory management, monitor the company's e-mails and contacts, reply to customer feedback and respond to their complaints. Their technical knowledge and experience is a necessary aspect. 

4. Test their ability to meet deadlines

Meeting deadlines is significant for Amazon sellers. They can't let a single opportunity slip away. Therefore, virtual assistants need to meet deadlines and deliver their work on time. You can test this ability by giving them a task to complete before interviewing and see how fast they get done with the given task. It is a crucial skill that only the best Amazon assistants have. If the candidate seems to be slow working and doesn't meet the deadline, they are not the one for you.

5. Observe their communication skills

As an Amazon seller, you receive numerous e-mails and various tasks daily. Thus, the virtual assistant you hire should have fantastic communication skills. See how often they check their e-mails and how fast they reply to them. They should always be available during working hours. Smooth communication between you and the FBA virtual assistant is necessary for the rest of the business processes to go smoothly.

6. Interview your virtual assistant

The last and the most crucial step is to interview your virtual assistant. Video call them or set up a meeting and ask questions about them. You can ask them about their previous work experience. Ask them about their views and vision on what they do. Dropping a few Amazon interview questions would also be a good idea. Strike a conversation about them and try to get to know your virtual assistant a bit. A social connection with your virtual assistant will go a long way and motivate your assistant to work harder and better for you.

Your FBA Amazon virtual assistant is no less than an actual personal assistant. Learn to trust your virtual assistant and assign them tasks that you think do not require your expertise. Invest a maximum of your time in running your business and building it. Once you start delegating tasks to your virtual assistant, you'll notice how much your business changes for the better.