How to sell a  WordPress plugin? Developing and selling WordPress plugins are ways in which you can support and grow your business. WordPress is one of the best content management systems in the industry. It powers 42% of the internet. 47%! None of these open-source CMS platforms even surpassed 6%. 

The other largest open-source CMSs, Drupal and Joomla, are powered by less than 2% of the internet. If it were possible for you to design plugins and sell them on WordPress, you would find a massive market for them. 

Pricing plugins
WordPress Plugins are available in different price ranges. Many users have free plugins. However, with the wide variety of free plugins, you have to be able to distinguish yourself. Providing an easy solution for the problem can help the company compete better. What are the necessities? How do we help others? Your plugin can offer functionalities that can change someone's life by assisting them to accomplish something they couldn't do before. Plugin payments can sometimes be made over time. The initial investment will likely provide an easy way of generating income. Depending on how much you'll pay your client, the additional value you provide will give the customer more money.

Coming Up With The Numbers
There's one price in every WordPress plugin market. Several easy plugin packages can cost anywhere from $5 to $19.90 per month. Other solutions may be worth thousands of dollars each year. 

Continued revenues
Plugins are great income sources. Many plugins have license models. License holders may buy or license a specific plugin for a period. License renewals give you regular recurring revenue. WordPress plugins are often available in two or three price categories. Each level adds additional functions or allows installation on multiple sites.

Besides licenses, the potential for extension and additional applications exists as well. Plugins are often used for the development of whole ecosystems around plugins.  


How can I sell my plugin quickly and easily?
It is recommended to sell plugins for sites. EDD is one of WordPress's most powerful tools for selling digital products. In many other applications, WooCommerce allows the sale of digital products after the sale. However, Woo-commerce sells physical products such as jeans, tea bags, or coffee beans. The EDD software is specifically designed for digital download. Over 50,000 businesses use EDD software for eCommerce. Most WordPress developers use EDD to sell and manage the WordPress plugins.

Envato manages it and also offers numerous digital marketplaces for products. Themeforest contains more than 4000 themes and templates viewed over 300 author pages. However, there are no guarantees you will make much if you just join the list. You also need a very good theme to bring the best works for this day. If you sell exclusively on ThemeForest, you will get 25% per sale.

CodeCanyon is another famous Envato market. Using the plugin Code Canyon is a great choice. If you want to sell plugins to a plugin development company or sell them on their website, you should just use free plugins on the plugin repository. The free version of CodeCanyon can be built without hassle, which means you're immediately reaching an enormous audience. CodeCanyon's Commission scales the same as ThemeForest. 

Mojo Marketplace
Mojo theme and mojo code markets have recently combined to create the new platform Mojo Marketplace. While not as popular as ThemeForest, one benefit for Mojo Marketplace is the direct integration with hosts like Hostinggator. Hence many new users of WordPress will find their theme or plugin immediately. Mojo Marketplace commissions on exclusive authors range between 50 and 70%. The publisher is not entitled to complete copies but only 45% of the profits.

How do I sell WordPress plugins?
The best way to earn more revenue on a plugin is to sell the plugin. You may offer plugins for use on your website or sell plugins in an online marketplace. 

How to sell plugins using a marketplace?
Marketplaces attract thousands of customers seeking a plugin. Buying WordPress plugins through the marketplace allows for early exposure. CodeCanyon is a huge marketplace selling plugins for developers. You can sell through other big marketplaces, including Codester and Mojo Marketplace. To be sold in a online marketplace, you need the registration and uploading of your plugins to the website. A quality assurance team will evaluate the plugin and publish it on the website. When adding your plugins to your website, please ensure these things are done, so you get more customers.  

How to sell plugins from Your Website?
A way of selling plugins for sale can be through your website. Also, e-commerce websites are essential. You're trying to attract more visitors to your website. You must make people very comfortable with finding you. Lastly, you must license the software yourself. Once an internet site starts offering digital content, such as plugins for WordPress, obtaining licenses becomes a significant concern. Additionally, securing clients with easy payment is another concern. You will need to grant customers the possibility of securely making payments.There are professional solutions to help you sell softwares online, and one trustworthy example is PayPro Global.

Which marketplace should you use?
ThemeForest is your most suitable platform to make sales immediately. This marketplace is hugely popular and is the only one in which authors can make a quick million. You could actually earn the highest amount when you hit the $75,000 sales limit and reach 75% of commissions.