They say little kids little problems, big kids bigger problems. Well, that is right. You think that once they grow up they will be able to ask what they want, to share what is bothering them, or will keep a low-key profile and live a peaceful life but nope. It is just how we poor parents want them to grow up and that in our fantasy live it. 


If you are a parent who is raising a teenager in this tech-savvy life you know what I am saying. Parenting is really hard enough but a teenager with access to smart gadgets and the internet will test your patience to the maximum. Instead of keeping up with all their tantrums and worrying about their wellbeing and safety both online and offline you can just get an efficient parental control app in the form of android monitoring software or computer spy app and just make your life better and check your child's digital footprint. Apps like the OgyMogy offer a competitive package for parents to keep an eagle eye on the digital footprints of the teenager. In this way, you will know about every happening of your teen’s life and can help them in case of any trouble.
Here are the wonderful features offered by the spy app under parental control terms. 

Browsing History Tracking:
OgyMogy offer track internet browsing history feature for its user. You can now easily check the search box history of your teen. Make sure no kind of triggering stuff or adult or sexual content like porn is found on the web browser history of the teen. Firefox, google chrome and some other browsers can remotely be accessed by the track internet browsing history feature to the spy app. 

Know About The Favorite Bar:
Generally, those websites which are frequently visited are usually put in the favorite bar. With the use of OgyMog android monitoring software, parents can check the favorite bar and know about the frequently visited websites of the teen. Hopefully, your kid’s favorite bar contains most of the study-related stuff or some online game. If not it's time to take some action after some real talk. 

Web Filtering:
If you find any triggering or alarming stuff on the web browser or search bar of your teen then let OgyMogy help you. You can block any kind of website by using the web filtering feature offered by the spy app. Block any violent game site or adult content from your teen and make the use of the web a little safe on the kid's end. 

YouTube Screen Monitoring:
Know about the video playlist stream of YouTube with the help of the youtube screen monitoring feature. Keep up with the channel updates if your teen has a youtube channel and knows about his life and stuff as you tuber. 

Don’t Worry About The Disappeared Snaps:
Everybody loves Snapchat as it offers secrecy to its customers But that secrecy can be a little dangerous for teenagers.No need to worry about the contact of the Snapchat account of the kid. Keep an eye on the Snapchat activities with the Snapchat spy app and know about the content even if it gets disappeared from the teen device. 

Get Alerts If They Join Any Adult WhatsApp Group:
Whatsapp makes it easy for its users to make a group or join any random one as it is done with just a link. Know about the WhatsApp activities, inbox private message group content, and media shared through the app by using the WhatsApp spy app. 

Other uses of  OgyMogy android monitoring software are the employee monitoring features usage and features for personal use. The package that contains keylogging or access to calendar updates can be efficient to monitor the employee's work-related activities. You can use the spy app for yourself as a data backup source to store personal data or the GPS feature to keep track of your device. Thus in case of stolen or theft, you can remotely know about the pinpoint location of your gadget and all the data will be secured on the online dashboard for any unfortunate incident.