MapleStory has been around for ages and many MMORPG enthusiasts are still playing it. This is not to say that the game only has loyalists as MapleStory is rather welcoming for new players—given that you know what to do.

This is where we come into the picture! As much as MapleStory has changed over the years, there are still many evergreen tips that have remained. Today, we’ll be talking about them and how you can implement them in your Mapling experience!

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Now that we’ve got that settled, let’s get into the juicy parts!


Setting Your Keybinds
As you progress in MapleStory, you will get to unlock a lot of new skills, many of which are active skills that you will need to assign a button to. Therefore, having proper bindings will help you navigate these skills a lot better. Make sure they are to your preference and it makes you comfortable.

Sure, this might take some time because you will need to assign a lot of skills to your keyboard. But trust us, this investment of time is worth it because you will consistently need to use your skills in Maple. Having them right where you want them to be will make your gameplay go smoother.


Follow a Proper Skill Guide
While this is not as punishing as before, it is still good practice to follow a guide when you are allocating your ability points to your skills. We can’t mention all of them in this guide because there are just too many classes to cover.

Fortunately, MapleStory has been around for a while and you can look up its resources with ease. Many resources now offer class-specific guides which you can follow, they’ll tell you what skills to prioritise and which are best for farming and taking down bosses. And if you’re lucky, you might even stumble on a guide that teaches you how to operate a class optimally!


Pick an Easy Class to Begin
As we’ve mentioned, MapleStory is extremely rich in its choices of classes. Sometimes, this could be a bad thing because new players may not know which is the best for them. Well, there’s no ‘best’ class for beginners but we can give you some suggestions.

The classes below are examples that are best for beginners due to their low execution and dependency on mesos:

Explorer Classes

The original set of Maple classes. Very easy to use and understand and since they have been in the game forever, getting help from guides online is way easier than the newer classes.

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is very easy to use due to its reliance on Normal Attacks. Plus, DS doesn’t require the use of Mana so you can save on mesos for Mana Potions.

Knight of Cygnus

They are very similar to the Explorer classes. Their skills are very straightforward and gameplay-wise there is very little nuance to catch. Ideal for MMORPG novices.

If you are new and do not know which class to pick, consider the above options and you’ll have a better time playing through the Maple universe.


Complete Theme Dungeon Quests
Theme Dungeon Quests are one of the best things that have happened to MapleStory. They offer a rich source of experience points for beginner players. Also, they have an awesome story behind each of these Theme Dungeons!

So, even if you are not playing for the plot, for starters, Theme Dungeons can be a great source of in-game resources. Equipment and experience gained from this set of quests are pretty generous and they even give you equipable medals for it! Don’t slack on them and do them while their rewards are still valuable at your current level.


Follow the Maple Guide
The Maple universe is huge. This is no understatement, MapleStory has many in-game regions and universes that can get overwhelming if you are new. Luckily, the creators have blessed us with an in-game guide that helps us navigate this world.

Called the Maple Guide, this little helper is extremely helpful compared to other equivalents in the MMORPG genre. The Maple Guide suggests the best place to venture at your current level. Usually, these places offer the best farming spots and you can camp at these places to gain insane experience points.

Just remember, when in doubt, just rely on the Maple Guide and it’ll show you the way!


Activate Runes While You’re Farming
Since we’re on the topic of farming mobs, there is an additional tip that will greatly bolster your farming activity. In certain maps, you’ll see a random panel floating around. Go ahead and activate it and you’ll get a very nice varied bonus that’ll help you with your farming.

And if Lady Luck is on your side, you might even get bonuses that help you clear the map super-fast or extra damage which can help you easily one-shot most of the generic enemies. Activating Runes is a habit that newcomers will need to be familiar with, or else, they’ll be missing out on a lot.


Defeat Daily Boss Battles
We really got to give credit to the MapleStory developers. They have really made boss battles in this game way more accessible for newer players. We remember having to go through a hellish Jump Quest just to fight Zakum.

Currently, all you need to do is queue and follow in-game instructions and you’ll be able to face the Maple Bosses (do note that some bosses will still need you to complete a set of quests). Every day, you’ll get to face each boss once and the reward they drop can be sold for a solid amount of mesos. It’s a good early way to earn some in-game currency as a beginner.


Join a Guild as Soon as You Can
MapleStory has an awesome community and this is also heralded by its amazing Guild system. Sure, as a beginner, you might find it difficult to join an existing guild but as you progress and improve, we are confident that there’s a guild out there for you.

Once you’ve successfully joined one, you will be open to a lot of Guild benefits that can help you with your gameplay. Additionally, you’ll get to communicate with other Maplers and can go on boss raids for the best rewards available in the game!

Whew! Looks like we’ve made it to the end! Hopefully, these tips and tricks can help you ease your way for the first few hours of MapleStory. Then again, remember to not make this game too rigid with guides telling you what to do because MapleStory is best enjoyed as you explore the unknown.