How do you know if your remote staff is taking advantage of the way they work for you?


Huge losses are coming from companies that have employees who are not correctly logging their hours. There comes the point where business owners say, “Enough is enough.”

For many business owners, employee time tracking errors can feel worse than theft, so how can you stop employees tracking time incorrectly?

Fingerprint Technology

Fingerprint technology is an excellent way of ensuring the right person is logging their own time.

Buddy punching is the term used to describe an individual who uses someone else to log their time for them.

Punch in punch out software is the solution to this when a fingerprint is required. This means only the person who you are paying to do the work will be logging their time. An alternative to this is using QR codes that are unique to the individual.

Location Monitoring

Monitoring someone’s location is another great reason to use a punch in punch out software.

By timekeeping through an app, or logging in on their computer, employees will need to provide their location information. This means that they will be where they say they are, which is especially useful when it comes to location dependent work and meetings.

This is also beneficial if you aren’t actually at the office, but employees are. It makes it easy to see if they are at their desk or still at home.


To work the correct daily hours, employees will need to be available within the working day.

This also means that they cannot disappear 20 minutes early. In the days of pen and paper (which too many companies still use), it was easy to get away with leaving early. This builds up over time and costs you money.

Punch in punch out software does not allow this to happen. Anything done manually is always going to have a risk of human error.

Using proven and accurate technology eliminates this.

Use Reports

Another great reason to use timekeeping software is the fact that you can create reports at the click of a button.

This will show you if employees may have been getting to work late or if they have a poor attendance record. You can also see where people have been taking advantage and taking a long lunch break too often.

With this information at your disposal, you can highlight areas to employees to help them correct their ways.

Reports also allow you to see if a project is costing you too much money so you can save money in various ways.

Punch In Punch Out Software

This remains the most reliable and accurate way of stopping employees from logging time incorrectly.

The fact that technology is forever making advances means it will only continue to get better and more efficient. Using timekeeping software allows your employees to know that you are serious about the accuracy of logging in and out.

Still, there is an element of trust that your employees will enjoy; it just means they are far less likely to try and take advantage and steal time.