Temporary e-mail address is a unique online service that allows you to instantly register, receive and send emails on any site, participate in actions, draw and lotteries, while not providing your main e-mail with doubtful resources. Temporary e-mail guarantees confidentiality of personal data, protects against spam and annoying advertising notifications.

The advantages of anonymous mail

The fake mail service has many advantages. Using the «working» e-mail address on third-party websites, you inevitably receive a «bonus» in the form of an endless stream of advertising messages. At the same time, blocking the IP address or individual domains will not help to protect the e-mail from annoying mailing. The temporary e-mail generator, will not only rid your box of marketing trash, but will also protect the account from hacker attacks. Anonymous mail minimizes the risks of leaking personal data, guaranteeing absolute anonymity of the user on the Internet.

Another advantage of temporary e-mail is the possibility of creating an account in any social network. Using service, you can easily register on forums to create profiles on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other popular sites.

How to create a temporary mailbox?

The creation of anonymous mail with the help of popular postal services is an activity that is tedious, energy intensive and not always justified. The simplest, and the most important - safe option to get a temporary mail account is The resource automatically generates a temporary email address for you without registration and password. The anonymous e-mail is active for 1 hour, after which it will be irrevocably deleted by the site system.

Additional temporary e-mail functions

The names of temporary electronic addresses can be «modified» with the help of different symbols. Everyone has such an opportunity, all you need is just to enter the name you want and confirm this action. Such solution makes it possible to significantly extend the functionality of the mailbox. Using this option, you can:

1. Define the name of the user that addresses your message. For example, if you have registered an account in the online sporting goods shop with address, and on it will come up advertising of car tires, you will know who and to whom has informed the address of your mail.
2. Create a profile on the site you want. It happens that a user may be denied registration of an account because the mailing address specified in the profile already exists. E-mail with additional word via «+» will help solve the problem. The resource system will define it as a new one and allow you to register your account.
3. Anonymously resolve technical issues with the administration of the resource. If you are dissatisfied with the service or the compulsive advertising, you can anonymously express your indignation with the company’s policy.

Guarantee of confidentiality

For the resource to which your temporary email address will be provided, you will remain anonymous. Your IP and location are securely protected by the site’s software. The service guarantees full confidentiality and security of the information stored in the user’s main mailbox.