The luxury industry has invaded the tech world, too. Buying a new tech gadget is expensive enough, but consider getting that iPhone or the tablet computer plated in gold or encrusted with diamonds. Yes, really. If you are rich enough, there’s nothing you can’t buy. So, read ahead for a list of tempting luxury tech gadgets, even if you will probably never buy them:

1. Gold Plated iPad

If a regular iPad is not luxurious enough, buy yourself an actual gold plated iPad. Apple offers iPhones and iPads with shells in varying golden hues. However, they are not covered in 24 carat actual gold. There are various luxury goods stores and goldjewellery suppliers in cities like Toronto and Vancouver that will give your beloved iPad a lustrous golden finish.

You can search for luxury cell phones in Canada to give an expensive makeover for your iPhone too.

2. Star Wars Watch

Truly a nerd’s wet dream, the Star Wars watch and the accompanying Tie-fighter cufflinks offered by Devonworks are the best you can get to space-age tech that you can wear on your arm. Move over Rolexes; the Star Wars watch has over 350 pieces and is powered by a hybrid-electrical mechanical source. To put it simply, this watch is as powerful as a Prius. Plus, the wearer can tell time using moving “revolutionary time belts.”

3. Orpheus Headphones

Named after the legendary Greek musician, this headphone system costs some $55,000 per piece. And here you thought Dre’s Beats headphones were expensive. There might be a good reason for the sky-high price. The Orpheus is an electrostatic headphone, which is a far more advanced system than the regular moving coil headphones that you can order from Amazon.

Electrostatic headphones create sound using an electrostatic film without any need for physical contact. Now that $55,000 may not be a bad price to pay for magic.

4. Gresso iPhone 6S

How about adding $4,000 to that phone comparison price chart of yours? Because that’s what the iPhone 6S costs after the luxury gadget maker Gresso has had their way with it. The exclusive, limited edition (only 999 pieces have been made so far) Gresso iPhone has a stylish Grade 5 titanium case that can withstand extreme conditions, a high-end PVDcoating (same as Swiss watches) and an 18-carat gold logo engraved on the back panel.

Cherry on top: everything is hand polished and assembled by a single craftsman.  Even if you are performing a used phone comparison, these items will be a lot more costly than a brand new typical luxury phone.

5. HP Spectre

HP, the laptop maker that’s often overshadowed by Dell and Apple, has gone upmarket with Spectre, the world’s thinnest laptop. With 10.4mm dimensions and weighing at 2.45 pounds, this is one of the most lightweight laptops out there. The Spectre laptop comes with either Intel i5 or i7 processor, a 9-hour hybrid battery, 512GB SSD storage,8GB of RAM and a sound system designed by Bang & Olufsen. With a sleek and glistening copper-gold exterior, this is certainly a luxury gadget fit for an ostentatious Bond villain.

As far as luxury tech goes, this is only the beginning. The gold plated smartphone today is a diamond-encrusted smartwatch tomorrow. Whether it is wonderful or wasteful, you decide.