Being Judged Based on Your Website

 Consider what your readers need. You have no room for false impressions, second guesses or a misunderstanding in design. Communications is the internet, and words, images and colors are what drive it. Put yourself in the position for success by realizing the necessity you have. With so much being captured by the imagination of the UX design agency, you can expect “their language” to set the standards. 

A digital agency knows that the reader, your consumer, will leave a page if it doesn’t render.

It takes less than three seconds; a decision to stay or not is then made. You have to say it fast and sure no matter what that message is. 2019 ushers in a few new concepts, methods and layouts that every website owner should take note of. These trends, with the power of illusion, emotion and curiosity, pull us in while relying on the webpage as a location. In most cases, regardless of your current success, your only option is to make an upgrade. 

Consider some of these new features to add into your design mix for 2019 from a UX design agency

- Machine Learning:

Artificial intelligence is being used to personalize a site’s design elements. Just imagine how caches and Google collect data on web users. Your AI technology, as built into your design, can, for example, make the distinction between male and female. This could, in turn, result in a different web-design template that better suits each lead. The next steps go further, for by learning about a person’s actions, the AI-driven site can then prepare for their future visit. 

- Brighter Hues:

Colors are also “taking the web by storm.” The major trend is for neon with bright contrasts of greens, blues, pinks and yellows. The aim here is to be as loud as possible. The fact is that others are doing so, and their voices are getting heard. 

- Animated Elements and Video Content:

Customization is key to standing out from the crowd. The power of animation isn’t just within its ability to entertain us. The now emerging templates for web design, they give us a tremendous amount to play with and alter. Animation and video content stand as the central mediums for web design. The empty spaces that templates give us are then filled in with the likes of cartoons that move. 

- Emotional Triggers:

Emotional design is emerging as a detailed-art form that targets emotion. The idea is to invoke an emotional response with texture, animation or through a written idea. What is used is not as important as getting a strong, immediate response from the reader. 

- Virtual Reality:

The objective of VR is to create depth with a greater perception of reality. The new dimensions have a power that pulls us into our screens and monitors. The end result, with a compelling sense of escape, is the sensation of being in another world. You’ll soon find that the more real it seems, the more likely it is to be made. Virtual-reality creators want you to question the real world you live in and to enter the new one you’re shown. 

- The Single-Page Layout:

No matter what emerges, we continue to see the power of single pages. Just think of all the “ICOs” raising millions of dollars with a single webpage. The key ingredient is concision. There is no room wasted, no words irrelevant and no other links that the reader needs. 

- Chatbot:

You might have heard about it; the automated chatbot is not going anywhere. Some sites are now built with the sole aim of giving people someone to talk to. Personalization is the goal, and with direct control over the programing, you can set your bot to do whatever you please. The larger its vocabulary is, the more it can do for your customers.

Below are a few UX design agencies to start your search with when creating designs that convert. 

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- 12. Boone Oakley 

- 13. Siegel + Gale 

- 14. Happy Cog 

- 15. 3 Media Web 

- 16. Baunfire 

- 17. HTML Pro 

- 18. WebFume Technologies, LLC.

- 19. Sam Web Studio 

- 20. Pixelcarve 

- 21. Mountaintop Web Design

- 22. IWW Digital Agency 

- 23. eDesign Interactive

- 24. Capsicum Mediaworks, LLP.

- 25. Nolte